05 February 2016


This winter, Loblolly kindly gave us the chance to try out one of their first mattresses for their launch. You know this will quickly evolve into something long-winded & romantic, so let me start by saying, from a straightforward place...I love this bed. And the company that makes them. Our Loblolly arrived, wound around itself in a smaller-than-me box, ideal for shimmying down narrow hallways. And it is beautiful and so comfortable. I, the family insomniac, slept for eleven proud hours our first night. 

And it is so beautiful that their motto should be "in support of dreams" and that they should ask us along...just as this theme would emerge so strongly in our life. 

Because, friends, if there is a word to describe the state of us, our home, our life together right now, it is:


It seems our each waking moment gives itself to our discussion of dreams: what I'll write, his vintage car, the springtime garden, the travels, the abandoned ukelele & long awaited woodworker's retreat, the maybe baby, the pair of hummingbird hearts at peace. 

And as for us, we are in support of dreams. 

I want you to challenge you to think about that for a second. 


To think about the difference between dreaming, or even dream chasing, and SUPPORTING DREAMS. 

Dreaming is good. Dream chasing is better.

But supporting dreams? Well. That may be the best of all. Because that's something entirely more complex and beautiful and love-filled. Here's what I'm going to do in 2016 to support dreams, and I challenge YOU to make your own list. (And tell me, too.) 

I will: 
Turn my big dreams into a series of tiny but significant actions. 
Ask my friends to define their dreams.
Check in on their progress.
Be vulnerable, and thus, a channel of inspiration. 
Allow myself to be good and not perfect. 
Let the essence & honesty of projects drive me, and not the end goal. 
Forgive myself, again and again. 
Be emotionally available.
Speak to others -- over & over -- the beauty of their dreams. 
Practice finding peace between moments of taking inspiration in, and putting it out. And knowing the difference. 
Work at being ok with the moments where I have to take it in instead. 
In fact, cherish those moments. I will find new music, and books, and art. And allow myself the pleasure of getting lost in that. 
Above all, act in love, which is the very essence of all dreams.

(And thank you so much to Loblolly for better nights of dreaming -- and days, too. )

*If you are looking to upgrade your bed, I wholeheartedly recommend the folks at Loblolly. Feel free to email me any questions...AND use code SOWORTHLOVING at checkout for $75 off (twin size excluded). 

03 February 2016

Things Thrifted

 Woven plant stand, 2 midcentury TV trays, maxi dress, booties, record, 5 bowls, lace textile: $36 at Value Village 

It's no secret I love thrifting. So, I thought it would be fun to start sharing again when I have a good haul -- before things become scattered throughout the house. I really believe in thrifting most of what you need -- from a style, financial, and environmental perspective. It's also a huge stress relief to me & my favorite hobby! 

We really minimized during our move, and it's been fun to have a fresh, clean slate & find new treasures. While we've loved many a vintage item in our day, we found our cute, grandmotherly taste of 2010 has shifted to items that are more natural, 70s southwestern. 

I should also say: our attitude of "everything we own should be useful or beautiful" became "everything we own should be useful and beautiful." Which seems like a subtle distinction, but is really significant to homemaking. Things like wooden bowls can be pulled off a shelf & nest our Netflix snacks, but look just as nice at rest.