30 November 2017

About A Nightstand

Oh, I have no idea but perhaps some of you will remember how I was twenty-four and found this sweet white nightstand in the alleyway trash and dragged it back in the snow to my apartment. She was just what I always wanted. White and shabby, the delicate lil crystal pulls. And she has stayed my soft, cluttered lil landing pad ever since. I feel such a need to document her from time to time, and so here is how she was, early on a cold Thursday morn', three weeks out from winter. 

It's how all the things are just things but also so much more, memories, and small pieces of my soul, and when taken altogether they seem so happy in one another's company. The perfume that can be adored midday with just a reach over to be sniffed. The letter stamps have a beautiful story behind them. A 70-cent vase. How the pillowcases don't match, not precisely, but seem like kindred friends meant always to find one another. 

It's as much (or more) a portrait of me than my face could be. 

Oh and I must tell you of that book on the nightstand ~ how it is one that speaks so directly, so intimately to my soul that it hasn't left my bedside since my friends gifted it to me some months ago...I honestly wish I could give it away to every beautiful girl I know. 

And as I head to bed now (after a lil bit of French vanilla ice cream), I send warm thoughts that your own nightstand makes you just as immensely happy, as tirelessly hopeful. Because a nightstand can do that (I swear it). 

26 November 2017

You and Me, The Morning of Twenty-Seven Weeks

My sweetheart, here's you and me ~ on the morning of twenty-seven weeks, the way Papa saw us. 

24 November 2017

Make It ~ Delicate Book Covers

So here is an easy, beautiful weekend project for you. I would have made this a DIY, but honestly it's so darn easy and also I did these as I do most projects...from my heart and a bit impulsively and very passionately and totally imperfectly. 

All you need is a roll of white paper (like this or like this if you're real serious) & a sharpie & scissors & a holiday movie to watch, something cozy to sip. It's easy peasy ~ like, I don't even know what to say? Just wrap the paper 'round your books like you did in school! The measurements will be different for each book, so I just took 'em one by one and made sure there was enough to get around the width and cut. As for the height, I left a little extra to fold down on the top & bottom before folding it onto the book. Then I wrote the title and author on the spine. These are sooo not perfect or pristine! But they make me happy every time I see them. 

Oh and here is another cute idea. If you want a breathtaking bookshelf but you're not so into this dovey white ~ do floral books! Just make book covers like you would for these, and pop some of this flora tape on the side. You could have each print be a different genre & write the names on the covers maybe. I'm pretty smitten, lol, like, pretty sure I've talked myself into this while writing so maybe I'll do a mini shelf like this!