08 September 2017

On Almost-Autumn & A Shoe To Go With It

Whenever the seasons are on the cusp of changing always feels such a comforting time. I feel it's nature's gentle way of reminding us how much we need, at once, for things to change, and also to rely on the familiar comforts of each season. 

We are only beginning to feel the shift to autumn here over the last day or two but already it's rekindled my love for all things knit, for long afternoons spent baking sweet and savory pies, for blankets and tapered candles tucked in every corner of the house. I recently began a journaling project ~ a season's log. I'll share more soon, but one thing it's caused me to do is contemplate the sensations of each season. What words does autumn conjure? What sights, what smells, what textures? 

In many ways, autumn feels particularly textural to me. My mind instinctively marries it to things of heirloom quality, things that find their meaning in material. It's why I close my eyes and think of copper cauldrons, flannel shirts & waffle-knit jumpers, wool blankets, brown leather shoes. So when my Sandgrens box arrived with my Tokyo clogs, I immediately pulled them on & went in search of some leaves to stomp in. Like oatmeal sweaters or a canvas book bag, they just feel quintessentially fall to me ~ like the weight and quality and intention of their maker so perfectly matches the season. Also they're just adorable & comfy and they like dresses & mom jeans alike and like the best shoe, are friendly alone or with socks. A thing that feels like a season. It'll never stop being wondrous and wonderful to me. 

26 July 2017

Any Other Way

I wear an awful lot of white dresses. There's not a single item I own more of,  & I doubt this shall ever not be the case. There are the other preordained ensembles I fall to at times when ceremony or muddy fields demand another, but to be honest I only ever feel truly, utterly, irrevocably myself in a white dress. They cover every tide of my heart, every pull of the moon & sun & gravity & feeling & whatever else I am made of. 

I don't mind being the kind of girl who would. Who would, that is, follow unfailingly, every compulsion of her heart ~ in all the measurable & immeasurable ways. I actually don't believe in shallow water, not really: I tend to believe it's all an illusion, the way we way we categorize the things we've deemed big in a world apart from the things we've deemed small. I think it all matters. The things that look molecular ~ like the dress you always reach for ~ and the things that look like everything ~ like how you fall in love. There's something that tethers it all. Nothing is apart. And I feel like it's how I know there are certain ways I am bound to ever, ever be to some degree ~ the kind of girl who will over-feel it all,  who will choose magic over logic every time, who will be a morning bird, sometimes a hermit, often atmospheric, ever a deep-heart dweller, whatever I am, and almost always, in a white dress.

I wouldn't be any other way.