25 November 2014

yarn plus yarn

A couple weeks ago, our lovely city was crowned icy, slushy, snowy epicenter of the polar vortex. This has since passed, but it seems we are bunkering down for a wintry long spell nonetheless. 

 earwarmer + cowl scarf: c/o yarn plus yarn 
rings: h+m // sweater: originally nordstrom, thrifted (similar here) // dress: free people // boots: target 

When I tried on this earwarmer & cowl scarf from Yarn Plus Yarn this week, I was honestly shocked at the difference in fit, softness, warmth -- from the ones I usually buy. These stood up to the 0 and under test, cats. No small feat. 

And, ah, the bow design on the earwarmer. It's just perfectly suited for me, and a keen representation of why I love cold-weather dressing (read: bows, and all things excessively feminine). It's so, how do you say...doll-up-able!

And that scarf. This blue shade is the stuff of magic. I think I'm going to make it my official hue of the year because just like mustard, it somehow...works...like a neutral? Crazy but true. It jams with white and black and beige and gray and all the non-neutrals in equal measure.

So, Yarn Plus Yarn! Support a small business this Christmas, and treat your own sweet self to something, or snatch something up for your mum or best! (Ah. I know. I'm an American who says mum. It's a thing I do.)

P.S. As this issue was going to press (har, har) -- I saw the lovely ladies of Yarn Plus Yarn are doing a Facebook giveaway! Go like their page, and find the post from Nov. 23rd to enter. They're giving away a $50 gift card (aaand a cute journal, photo frame, nail polish!). Get on that, kids! Now!

24 November 2014

gilmore girls and the naysaying beagle

So, on one particular day a few weeks ago when three o'clock struck, I decided it was as good a time as any to watch some Gilmore Girls (you know, tacitly ignoring the fact that I've watched through it, say five times already -- at a conservative estimate). 

And so Bernie was all like, 
Ugh. Again? Seriously? 

And Rory and I were all like, 
Oh, that's cute. Nice try, Bernie. 


22 November 2014

about a coat

burgundy coat: forever21 // wristwatch: c/o daniel wellington (15% off with code deercircus until end of Nov.!) // nude lipstick (the best ever): Myth by MAC  

Happy almost Thanksgiving to all ye American follow-alongers! 

I love this time of the year for so many reasons (so many non-frivolous reasons) but one of the (more frivolous) reasons is for dressing.

I love getting gussied up for the holidays. And I look forward, unabashedly, to it all year long. I start squirelling things away for the next round of holidays the second one round wraps up. I might even have a tiny section in my closet dedicated to things in-waiting for the season. I didn't do this on purpose. But I noticed it's happened. But, look -- give me a hefty helping of tulle, with a side of faux fur, a bit of sparkle and lace, coats and scarves and mittens piled in a heap, shoes that clack and point the way into friends' homes (with snow dusting stairs and front doors) and I'm a happy girl. 

Most recently, I have fallen quite madly in love with this burgundy coat. (Do click to see it -- because apparently I'm completely insufficient at showing all the details that are so readily apparent in the stock photos. Oy!) It pairs as nicely with a fit-and-flare party dress as it does one more free-flowing and boho-leaning. It goes with every shoe! Every skirt! Every color and print! What! I don't know how she does it. And to find that kind of versatility in a coat is I think a wholly maddening holy-grail sort of search. But, voila! The mall powers that be were smiling kindly upon me this Friday evening it would seem. I can't wait to give it a turn with all my white dresses (ha!) and floppy hats and boots this holiday season --starting with Thanksgiving, and ending never, because we're in love.