08 February 2018

we're all flowers

if i told you the whole story, and i told it to you honestly, no bars hold, it would be a long and winding one and not so sunshiney as the colors of the posters we made for baby's room. and maybe someday i will. another story for another day. 

but here is something we believed in & something we believed in raising him or her to believe in. 


a love note, from us to you, about living gently in this world. 

07 February 2018

Mama, Papa, Baby

Well, you could be here any time now. Any week or day or hour our whole world might shift. Life is incomprehensible, really. It's beautiful. 

03 February 2018

A Room For Five

Shifting the landscape, the tone, the utter feeling of our bedroom this week while we wait for our fifth roommate. "Robbie and Bridget and Bernie and Archie and Bubs makes five." 

After passing through seasons and seasons of being this way and that, things are getting way way way pared down in here. There's going to be lots o' drifting in and out of sleep in the days ahead ~ so my soul is chasing a cloudlike, gentle space. Ecru, creams, a lil tan, a bit of texture. Atmospheric. Lofted and light. A place to breathe. Dove wings. 

And there is this...a hope for a certain kind of life...and the considerations, the environment to birth it: It's so so important to us our babe not be inundated by clutter, by stuff...by space that breeds tireless consumption; instead: a simple, soothing room that stirs the senses. Only slight bends to the seasons as days lengthen and shorten on a loop. A candle flickering in still-dark morning, set to the tune of  soft thunder on the sound machine. Papa reads a book, strums Beirut. Dogs chase rabbits in their dreams. Mama journals. A plant that slowly grows (with a babe). These things are enough. 

Here are some *in progress!!* shots. It's all in flux (always) (isn't it?).  

As you know...a goooood lot o this is thrifted, but here's sources for some...