26 March 2015

The Dreamer // 31 Bits

Dreaming distinguishes us. Let me explain:

While every other organism we know about 
lives in a world as presented to them by Nature, 
human beings live in a world that they consciously symbolize 
and re-create in their own minds. 

-- Ian Tattersall 
from A Mind Apart by Susanne Antonetta

Dreaming distinguishes us. We think hypothetically. We can foretell not-yet-real or not-possibly real scenarios. We imagine in impossible terms. 

And what a gift that is.

31 Bits asked me to showcase their Dreamer necklace from their new classics collection -- to talk a bit about what being a dreamer means to me. And that's the crux of it: dreaming is honoring the hypothetical. Imagining. Making music, painting, photographing, and writing; it is poetry. It is seeing that creating -- just for the sake of process -- is what makes us distinctly, wonderfully human.

Because it is an expression of self, dreaming is a generosity of spirit.

31 Bits is the perfect company with whom to talk about dreaming. Their jewelry is made by women in Northern Uganda, and the company's mission is to help these women rise above poverty by creating sustainable income. I love talking about dreaming in these communal terms. Because dreaming is giving. And when we help someone else dream, we are acknowledging her humanity.

And what a gift that is.

24 March 2015

The Bookshelf Situation

In our current space, my favorite things to organize and reorganize is our bookshelves. So much so that we now call it, The Bookshelf Situation. It's a capricious and volatile arrangement, and I am often caught fitfully ferreting books back and forth across the apartment at truly strange hours. 

This is our newest bookshelf setup. (Also: I have three additional shelves full to capacity, books on top of those shelves, in the windowsills, under the bed, in a box in the closet, books everywhere!) For this shelf, I displayed only books with neutral spines. There are so many good titles here, I just want to read them again -- which is, I think, exactly what a good bookshelf ought to do.

P .s. What are you reading now? I just finished The Hours, am currently reading The Stone Diaries, and am reading Women with Men next.

23 March 2015

For a Plane Ride to Paris

Our trip to Paris is around the corner (or, around a couple corners). 

As a very nervous flier, making fun of the packing process helps me alleviate some of my anxiety. 

When packing for a flight I consider:

1. Clothing that's cozy -- and cosmopolitain (I quite like dressing up for travel).
2. Things to distract myself. 

It by Alexa Chung
Any reading must be: 1. full of photos. 2. fashion-centric. The trick is to find something engaging...but easy to digest. I'm too anxious to do any proper reading on a plane. I also like the idea of mentally bringing Alexa along. As a coping mechanism, I often find myself pretending to be someone else (someone not nervous to fly). Alexa, who flies constantly, is a jolly good girl to pretend to be! 

Reversible (Vegan!) Tote Bag
How perfect is this! Two bags in one, to match all your travel outfits (plus, it's generously sized -- to fit your laptop while flying....aaaand, once you've arrived, fits a camera, maps...and a baguette). I think I've convinced myself to get this. Sold. 

Skinny Watch 
Watches are a comfort thing. They remind me that time is passing. When flights get turbulent, I often find myself fixating on, staring at something to calm me. A watch is perfect for this. (Also: Write alphabetical lists of names in your head. Or list as many words as you can starting with the letter, "A" then, "B" and so on.) I love how delicate this one. (And it's $10!)

I cannot be bothered to wear bras in general, and certainly will not be wearing any underwired, complicated contraption while hurtling through the sky in an airplane. No. A lacy bralette will do what a sports bra will...but in top-notch, ultra feminine style. You'll feel a little better in lovely unmentionables, I promise. 

Cozy Sweater
Doubles as a blanket (just stick your arms through it without putting it all the way on) or roll it up into a pillow. 

Wear ballet flats & delicate socks to get through security -- easy to slip on and off. And keep these tucked in your bag for the flight. Get a new pair and save for them for the flight. New-sock-feeling is so luxurious, and you hate flying...you deserve this. 

Portable iPhone Charger
You're on a million-hour flight. This warrants no further explanation. 

Something simple and neat looking (think vegan leather, not plastic-y) to keep your passport, lipstick, cellphone, and some cash in). 

Indulgent Skin Product
A mist, a lotion, a creme, a mask, whatever. Flying will massively dry your skin. Go clean your face in the bathroom mid-flight with a towelette, and smooth or spritz something hydrating and calm-smelling on. (Tuck your makeup into a pouch, and freshen up before landing, or once you've arrived.) 

*I also take: 
headphones (the iPhone kind -- for sharing!), cell phone, macbook air, a small notebook and a pen, towlettes, hand sanitizer, and a spot of makeup (powder, lipstick, a tiny perfume). Hope this gave some ideas to my fellow anxious fliers!