27 August 2015

so it is

i am finding myself (ever) in need of acquiring an all-black wardrobe to balance out, to ying yang as it were, my all-white one. but summer lingers on, and so it is: another day, another white dress.

i'll find a way to fit this one into the docket a few more times before summer's end. (and worn hem-knotted, boot-grazing, with a sweater thrown over in the fall.)

25 August 2015

back to school

photos found on pinterest (the first beauty in the striped top blogs here, and some are from the inestimable jeanne damas). if you know original sources, let me know & i'll update! 

how cool do all these women look in their masculine-feminine ensembles, their layering, their simple palettes? i love how fall shopping always feels like going back to school (even when you're not). i'm eyeing:

black high-waist jeans
**these jeans are my. absolute. fave. and apparently everyone else's -- read the reviews! i was pretty anti-jeans (this is well-documented) -- until i tried these. and i just bought me a second pair.

longline black button-up
*just bought this. i may not be able to take it off. wear with a slip as a dress, or over leggings or skinny jeans.

basic black tee

menswear black coat