25 October 2014

sweater weather, where art thou?

sweater: c/o shop billie // dress: similar and similar // desert boots: thrifted // rabbit ring: h+m // purse: target

What are you up to this weekend?
Currently, I am missing Mr. Park, who is with family in Seattle. 
I am also missing the day last week when I took these photos...
when it was appropriate to wear a sweater...
(especially this one, which is completely perfect)
unlike today, as it is currently 80 degrees outside. 
My brain is not a brain, but is a popsicle melting all over the sidewalk. 
I will take that over snow, however. I'm not quite ready for that. 

So please, if you can, wear a sweater just for me -- and, wherever you are, have a lovely weekend!

22 October 2014

puppies in black and white

Just a pair of puppies in black and white, 
because -- do you need a reason? 


true fabrications + twine living

Robbie and I have always been the types who waited with great anticipation for adulthood.

Our earliest conversations -- talking on the phone as teenagers until late in the night -- revolved around this. Throwing lavish dinner parties for friends, wine tasting, hosting overnight guests, having babies. There was one extremely elaborate talk where we planned out our dream house -- we volleyed ideas back and forth, about what exact type of wood the floors might be, the shape of the windows, which wardrobe should house a secret passageway.

When True Fabrications in Seattle offered to send us these towels to try out, it was perfect timing, because we've recently been on quite the wine (and bubbly!) tasting streak. 

These towels and stopper are the perfect addition to our tasting parties for two -- we love the linen texture and simple wreath illustration on the towels, and how the topper resembles an antique doorknob. These are both from True Fabrications' Twine collection, which has a rustic, hip feel about it. I can't wait to pair these goodies with our antique floral dessert plate and fancy champagne flutes over the holidays! (This post from their Twine Living blog is getting me SO excited for holiday dinner parties!) 

To us, pulling out the wine accessories signals: it's time to relax, talk over a glass of wine. And the little things help make the tradition feel more real -- quite like putting the ornaments on the christmas tree! 

We're still waiting on that secret passageway (and, let's be honest -- a kitchen that's just a kitchen, a bedroom that's just a bedroom, haha!) but, in the mean time, we're having fun making our own little traditions in our own little space.