24 August 2016

As Someone Once Said

Just a couple of phone snaps shot by my honey the other day at the park. We were there for a separate purpose, but wandered up this path for a moment on our way out, drawn in by that scattered & sparkling light. 

And as they say, or as someone wise once said, or as I'm now saying -- you must always walk toward the light. 

And now I'm determined to take my camera back here & get some proper shots before summer's up. Because that light. That light, that light, that light. 

21 August 2016

Transplanting Day

Something's happened to me over the last few years, and I've become summer's biggest fan. Every year my obsession deepens. This season, I never want it to end! 

It, being, specifically: porch hangs, yard hangs, warm walks, sleepovers, hikes, long days, white dresses worn with sandals, sunscreen, happy plants, iced coffee, hammocks, tan lines...

Here are a few photos from an afternoon spent transplanting leafy friends, one of my favorite things to do on a hot summer day.