18 April 2014

temple square

and a special shot, just for my mother-in-law of the garden's flowers in bloom. she loved those bright colors. 

the weekend before last, robbie + i ventured to salt lake city for general conference with robbie's parents, who are LDS. it was a whirlwind 48-hour trip -- and a great time. we loved seeing his parents, and his brother and wife + their little kiddos. i've have watched several of the conferences online, so it was neat to attend a session in person. and that mormon tabernacle choir is out of this world. completely angelic. 

also: i've seen salt lake city's temple square a number of times now, but i gotta say -- she's never looked so pretty than flanked by cherry blossom trees in full bloom. it was rainy with sideswept winds, yes, but worth it to see those trees. maybe it's the inner virginian in me, but cherry blossom trees are everything. oh how i miss spring flowers! all the ones in our neighborhood were swiftly killed off by resurgent winter storms -- just trees and walls with crumpled, white-ish tissue paper looking things. breaks my spring-loving heart. take me where the cherry blossoms bloom, and my heart's forever yours. 

17 April 2014

mountain treasures

This is the kind of thing that happens in Colorado all. the. time. You're driving someplace, and you take a spontaneous turn just to see what's down there. And then you find yourself in a place like this. Colorado is full, full, full of goldmines i tell ya. That's how Robert + two friends + I found ourselves at this gem (harhar) of a place -- the Pikes Peak Rock Shop in Cascade, CO. (Look it up if you are ever in town -- just minutes from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs!)

The shop is packed full of goodies -- rocks + minerals, Southwestern silver, and Native American crafted goods. We departed with a small dreamcatcher, and dingdingding! A Himalayan salt rock lamp! Which you might know I've been pining after. (I'll share more about the lamp later.)

13 April 2014

of maxi dresses

dress: forever 21 // kimono-cardi: target // purse: target // bangles: gift. // rings: mexico + forever21.

my predilection for the maxi dress is well-documented. when the temps heat up, it's always what i gravitate toward -- flowy, and simple, no-fuss. i think, there's a rather good chance it's all you'll see me in all summer long.

p.s. and, if you do happen to see spring, do send her our way. very sincerely, the girl not looking forward to today's snow storm.