25 August 2016

Fall Style Wishlist

Summer has my heart, but dressing for early autumn days is invigorating. I have some trusty layered looks I've been wearing to death for about a good decade -- all of which revolve around combining: white maxi & mini dresses, floral maxi & mini dresses, leather jackets, loose neutral sweaters, black high-waist jeans, booties. Ta-da! This year, I am loving the off-shoulder look, crochet, tanks (no sleeve-bunching under sweaters!), and tasseled & lace up things. What about you? 

24 August 2016

As Someone Once Said

Just a couple of phone snaps shot by my honey the other day at the park. We were there for a separate purpose, but wandered up this path for a moment on our way out, drawn in by that scattered & sparkling light. 

And as they say, or as someone wise once said, or as I'm now saying -- you must always walk toward the light. 

And now I'm determined to take my camera back here & get some proper shots before summer's up. Because that light. That light, that light, that light.