17 April 2017

About a Mantlepiece ~

My mantlepiece is really such an emotional space for me; I like to think of it like a little personal museum of sorts. It stays mostly the same -- the mirror, the candlesticks -- while other things rotate. It always feels like this homage to emotional snapshots in time. It feels like romance. 

Here are some things I like to have on mine ~ 
~ a beautiful mirror into whose corners you can tuck memorabilia (photographs, ticket stubs, letters) ~ candlesticks & vessels (a mix of brass & silver & mercury glass, and ivory & white candles...feels romantic to me) ~ books ~ fresh flowers that look plucked from an English garden, especially in thrifted pitchers ~ art, layered in with tiny photographs / little written notes in frames ~ small objects of curiosity (like: statues, terrariums, bell jars & cloches, faux birds, dried flowers, preserved butterflies, any tiny thing that feels mysterious & beautiful to you...)

15 April 2017

A Lunch Date ~

Because my darling husband works sometimes long, wild hours at a hospital, I like to go visit him for lunch once a week or so...we'll just go someplace in town, or eat in the cafeteria at his work amongst the other doctors, which feels very Grey's-esque if I do say. 

It's a pleasant drive, about 40 minutes each direction, so a nice, solitary lucuna to take. And I don't know how to explain it, but there's something so romantic about how when I pull up to the hospital, I am always nervous-excited to see him, breathless, like a first date. 

I like to prolong beautiful moments by drawing them out, by slowly poring over the tiny details, to preserve beautiful moments as if by capturing them in amber. And so, on these certain days, I've begun to hang my lunch date outfit on the little flowery sconce by my bed so I can pass by them throughout the morning, catch them softly at the edge of my eye. Maybe spritizing a tiny perfume or letting flowers imbue the threads with a bit of the magic air they breathe...