20 July 2014


Sometimes all you need to celebrate the end of a long & moderately stressful week is a messy, messy bun & to dance it out. It's my preferred remedy. 

P.s.  I saved on photoshop time and made this beaut with Elsie + Emma's new Party Party app!

19 July 2014

Black Eye Coffee

Add this sweet little coffee joint, Black Eye Coffee, to your list of places to visit, should you ever find yourself in Denver. It's in the highlands -- which is definitely in the running over here for favorite Denver neighborhoods. 

We're pretty in love with the mood of this place. Its roll-up garage door opens up to a light and free-flowing space with sprawling, community-style tables for collaborative work parties, and also smaller, private corners for intimate chats. The whole place feels put together lovingly...if that makes sense? The mixed textures, caged lights, antique doors, and those darling armoires-made-hutches give it an easy charm. OK, and let me just say: that gray paint. Clean, crisp white walls forever have my heart, but a healthy splash of dove gray occupies its own sacred corner, too.  Oh, and, best part -- the back of the coffee shop houses a little magazine pop-up shop of sorts, Walled In  -- with favorites like Kinfolk (and Fellow Mag for you Coloradans or Colorado lovers). If ever there was a coffee shop to sit back in and flip through a favorite quarterly, this is she. 

18 July 2014

tandem dreams

I like to think they're dreaming together. And if history & reality have taught us anything, it would be that this dream would be them sharing an oversized bowl of cereal. Actually I'm 100% sure that's what their tandem dream would be.