21 September 2015

At some point, I discovered that my thoughts had not only volume, not only texture, weight, but shape -- and from here sprung the obsession with not just the sentence, but the nooks and crannies of it, the arches and corners, the baseboards and hinges of language. I found parallels between the shape of my thoughts and the em dash -- the corrupter of linearity; and the repetitions of my anxieties with anaphora in writing; and in the shape of my curving body -- the breasts, the moles, the thumbs, stomach, wrists -- where each part is holy as the next, things not subjugated but a long line of disparate and equally vital parts, here I found polysyndeton. The cold hard stop. I, woman writer, could be found here too. O, where I could exist without being contained.

(from part of a larger essay draft.) 

15 September 2015

a bit like liesl

dress: llunaa // clogs: sandgrens 

another white dress, are you completely shocked, are you rolling your eyes over there? tis the most essential part, the building block atom of my wardrobe. as i'm redoing my blog, i'm thinking, ought there be an entire tab dedicated to this theme? prooooobably. but -- i do promise non-white-dress-posts are a'coming. we move from the in-laws to our own place in a few weeks & i have an entire (embarrassingly long) list of posts, including paris, and home bits, and some essays, and what else do you want to know about?

this particular white frock came to me from Hong Kong boutique, llunaa. though it doesn't exactly resemble liesl von trapp's pink dinner dress, that's what it immediately reminded me of with its mixed textures, dropped waist, and full puff sleeves. and anything to make me feel as though i'm amongst the hills, floral curtains, and healthy thunderstorms upon the sound of music set is good by me.