04 March 2018

ulie lou ~ early days // part one

you came earthside and within hours i could write novels of your life. you are so many yet-to-be-written poems, scribbling across the walls of my heart. this happens automatically, intrinsically: the way my body grew you. cell by cell. requiring, somehow, everything of me, but taking it all unconsciously, naturally. 

i wanted to put these photographs someplace, even while my words sort themselves into things that may someday resemble sentences again, and eventually stories. (and there are so many i don't want to forget...) but right now are days to be spent deliriously tired, and deliriously happy.

a son

here he is. our love. our lamb. our boy. 

ulysses louis park 

~ ulie lou ~

born on a snowy wednesday just past one in the afternoon. he came more suddenly and swiftly than i imagined, even if the hours passed like seconds in my head alone. i want to share the stories...the ones of last days waiting, and the story of a birth, the story of a name, of first days...and soon, i will, soon. 

welcome to the world, to your life, to everything, ulysses. you are so awaited, so wanted, so needed, so exquisitely loved. our son. our son. our son. 

08 February 2018

we're all flowers

if i told you the whole story, and i told it to you honestly, no bars hold, it would be a long and winding one and not so sunshiney as the colors of the posters we made for baby's room. and maybe someday i will. another story for another day. 

but here is something we believed in & something we believed in raising him or her to believe in. 


a love note, from us to you, about living gently in this world.