29 March 2010

What is Fruit of the Forest?

You learn a lot about people when you venture on a road trip together.

You learn a lot about people you already know pretty well.

On this trip, for example, I learned that Will has separation anxiety and an insatiable lust for donuts. He also likes to talk. A lot. He jests and jokes, he puns, and is a raconteur if there ever were. (Note raconteur, a common GRE word).

Conclusively, I think it fair to liken him to a beagle.

And I shall.

I don't think I'd foster any qualms about residing in San Francisco for a chapter of my life, nor would I resist sprawling my long legs on the grassy knolls of sunlit Berkeley. In fact, at the chance, I'd be gleeful. It will surely find itself on the application list for graduate school, albeit a long shot.

Images: Bridget Fossedal, personal.

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