14 June 2010


Her stature was leonine: feet spread wide and pointing straight, her hair flapping audibly in the brief hiatus of breeze in the August heat. It was a rare intermission under the Californian summer sun -- almost a criminal act: larceny. No one steals the summer's show. So was the wind becoming a more seasoned criminal or the sun becoming more generous? No one was considering this enigma. Because no one was not watching her as she fled into and out of the the square, faster than a fruit fly. Or when he feet levitated off the ground and she flew away. She was out of the square before they could see.

That day a plane pilot captaining a monster of a Boeing vessel swore he saw the strangest bird he'd ever laid his experienced eyes on. Not a novice at identifying aerial fauna, he was puzzled by the odd organism that fluttered into his line of vision. He was featured in a televised interview that night, but fell mute on the air -- cities over the nation heard nothing but static fuzz for the eleven seconds before they pulled him off.

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