07 December 2010

Heart of Darkness Photo Set

1. Gaps in Maps.
2. A Complete Accident: Lotus & Congo
3. A Frame Story; Changing Perspective
4. Literary Theory: Donning the Spectacles
5. The Science of Voyaging: Jarring the Journey


  1. Hello Bridget! I liked your HoD photos in Eng. 313 today and noticed they were on blogspot, so I thought I'd try to find your blog--it's quite lovely!!! :) I love looking at blogs when I'm not busy (and of course when I'm way too busy and in procrastination mode, like now)--it's so inspiring to see everyone's creativity. :) Good luck with finals and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!


  2. Jenny, you're the sweetest, thank you so much! If you have/make your own blog, link me to it : ]