22 December 2010


One from spring, one from summer, one from fall, and one from winter. Except in this descending order: Summer, fall, winter, spring.

Good things are on the horizon! I found out Robbie is getting me a new lens for Christmas (whoa?!)! He wanted to me have it early so I could take Christmas shots with it, but the commercial winds are cruel to us and we haven't been able to track one down yet. Also, I've been offered some unbelievable opportunities pertaining to photography! So I'll be working with someone I know from Bellingham Alive Magazine to help some clients brand their company webpages by conducting their photoshoots, and I'll also be doing the same for Robbie's brother-in-law who's an attorney. I'll be getting a gorgeous, full-blown photography website for free out of it! I may also begin working as a public relations intern for a Bellevue photographer. And, over the break, I've had requests to do several family portraits, headshots, engagement photos, and wedding photos! There are some other pending projects I won't mention because they will be fantastic surprises if they pan out (hush, hush).

Anyway I had to jot this all down to remember to keep the positive things in check! Not that I'm a cynical person at all...actually, I'm something of an incorrigible optimist. But thinking about graduation looming is a tad daunting. I'm beginning to wonder where all the time went?

I'm also looking forward to next quarter: Editing & Publishing, Creative Nonfiction Writing senior seminar, and Physical Geography. I'm actually more excited for geography than I probably ought to be; I'm anxious to study cartography and to learn more about land structures so as to use them more artfully & metaphorically in my creative writing, and photography.