17 January 2011

Lonely Double-Shift Part II

When I'm not photographing or at school, I'm at my day job: Blessings Salon Spa in historic Fairhaven. It's a beautiful old, renovated building with tall ceilings, track lighting, and lots of little photo-worthy treasures. Here are some more photos from my lonely double-shift yesterday.

The displayed photographs are by a local artist, Clinton James. I love this paint-speckled easel we have at the spa; I'd love one to display a huge, framed photograph on. Maybe when Robbie and I live together, I can convince him it will be cool -- and also to let me keep all my other odd furniture, including a chartreuse velvet chair, my seafoam school desk, and faux gold-plated chest. Do you think they stand a chance? I hope so!

Being surrounded all day by neat, stacked piles of white towels also makes me ga-ga for them.

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