19 January 2011

Mallard Date

Mallard Cones

Mallard Menu


Track lighting

Robert Mallard


Mallard Signs

Mallard poster

Mallard Napkins

Robert and I went on a fun, quick date to Mallard Ice Cream in downtown Bellingham last night after work & classes. Considering how long we've lived here, we've only gone there a couple times...despite how much we love ice cream..a lot. We also decided we need to have a weekly date night, and Robbie suggested they should all have themes. Like we could have chicken night and eat veggie nuggets, watch Chicken Run -- and I added that we should sketch each other as chickens. I want to make a long, sprawling list of date ideas! Actually, I have a real itch to write some lists anyway, so stay tuned, I should be posting more here.

A parenthetical note: the larger pictures look much better, yes? I'm so glad I finally figured this out.

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