10 February 2011

A Little Photo Post...

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Just a few more photos from my little engagement shoot with Jenn & Carl. It was so nice to go down to Seattle, and now that I haven't gone the last couple weekends, I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy up in Bellingham.

I'm definitely a city person -- it's where I thrive, and growing up in D.C. probably primed me toward that proclivity. I like the hustle & bustle, the crowds, good eats, ...not to mention to the geographical phenomenon of urban heat domes that makes cities, on average, several degrees warmer than the surrounding suburbia & countryside. It's really not that I don't appreciate idyllic scapes...I just find the city, for whatever reason, far more Romantic -- yeah, with a capital R.

But my stir-craziness has a brief little outlet coming up...Robert just surprised me by planning a little weekend trip to Portland! Neither of us have been there (it's pathetic) -- except for passing through -- so we're very excited. I can't wait to finally visit Powell's bookstore.

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