10 February 2011

Hodgey Podgey

Tighted Feet


clouds, honey

String Lights Post Alley



Just a hodgepodge of some pictures I liked from this week. As you can see, I've taken up new residence in my new stripey maxi skirt -- which, for the record, I love more than the finest words can divulge. It's a good transitional piece between seasons -- and oh so comfortable.

Also, I've figured out how to add cartoon clouds to pictures -- a skill which will certainly transcend to any sort of employment opportunities I seek. I liked the picture of Will's attempt at sprouting a beard...the lights were in Post Alley, the toes are Leah's, and Bernie was caught red-pawed partaking of one of her most favored past times..i.e., snuggling in Robert's dirty clothes.


  1. I am just WAITING for you to blog about your wedding ideas! ;)

  2. Hahaaa, ohhh my gosh, I've been so busy! Expect some Friday or Saturday : ]