28 March 2011

The First Song Bird

the first song-bird


denime ala

As much as a girl loves to shop around, sometimes it's even more fun to catch a good hand-me-down. I buy denim with almost embarrassing rarity since I'm more of a dress girl, but I swoon over these cute little Lucky cutoffs that are just Bridget-sized. I spotted them in Kaila's give-away pile this week and lucky me got to take them home. Thanks, Kaila!

I included the Robert Frost quote in the first picture for a couple reasons. First, because I love his poetry, and secondly because I think it can relate to the slippery-slope that is spring fashion. Once you sport your first spring-worthy outfit, it's hard to go back even if the weather retreats to its winter-like behavior (the "once you pop, can't stop" law).

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