24 March 2011

Very English Major-y

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Here are some pictures I took during a graduation photoshoot last week. Lynnea & Queennie are both, like myself, english majors, so we thought it'd be both fitting & fun to take some shots in a bookstore -- so we headed to one of our favorites, Village Books in Fairhaven, and spent some time in the children's section. I was so happy when Lynnea picked up Madeline -- one of my favorites as well.

And after we spent some time in the bookstore, we headed down the alley to Katie's Cupcakes and grabbed some yummy treats.

It was such a fun shoot! I'm a big fan of props in photos, and slight over-exposure. I think senior photos ought to have a bit of personality and be a little quaint. I'm definitely not the hug-a-tree- and smile-at-me type. Also, I'll follow any excuse that leads me to a cupcake.

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  1. I absolutely love your blog..it is inspiring!