25 March 2011

A Throwback to My East Coast Upbringing

me with many arms


me crochet

me times threee





Here are some shots of a totally thrifted outfit. I love thrifting for many reasons -- first, because it's inexpensive -- but also because it allows you to experiment with styles, fits, textures, and colors that you might not opt for at full price. In particular, it encourages me to wear a little bit more color. I put these pieces together to show them all at once, though I wouldn't probably normally style it this way -- it's a little loud for me and feels a little themed.

All the items are in pristine condition, and I especially couldn't believe that I managed to dig up a designer Trina Turk dress. It's so soft, and I should have gotten some pictures of it sans sweater because it actually fits like a dream. I would probably never buy it at a higher price--because of the color-- but at the price, I couldn't pass it up. And the blazer is in great condition, but it's a tad loose, and could use some cinching at the waist. I might not have gotten it if Robbie hadn't been with me and talked me into it. In his words, "Bridget, at 4.99, you can't not give it a try." And I think he's spot on -- if nothing else, it helped concoct some fun pictures.

Cardigan: JCrew, from Goodwill at $4
Dress: Trina Turk, from Goodwill at $4
Blazer: Adolph Sports, from Goodwill at $5
Suitcase: Grasshopper, from Goodwill at $5
Croquet Set: Goodwill, $4 for 3 mallets
Jar: Goodwill, $2


  1. i want all your cloths and hair! so pwettyyyy

  2. Hahaa, thanks girl : ] you're a sweetie.

  3. you're gorgeous! and your photos are beautiful. i love your outfit - definitely something i would wear :) i need to start visiting thrift stores more often so i can save some serious $$ too!! x

  4. Thank you, Rachael! And yes, thrifting can be oh so fun!