29 March 2011

Observation Journal

Stamp Me

A Project

So I've been crafting a lot lately! I wanted to share a recent wedding project I created. Robbie and I are going to have multiple guestbooks at the wedding -- I'll share the others later -- and this is one of them. Robbie and I want to emphasize our individual personalities at the wedding, so I thought up the idea of having some scientific-themed objects.

In the "observation journal," guests can share something they've observed about us as a couple over the years. It will be so neat to see what people say!

And, as you can see, I've also started a little stamp collection. I'd also like a birdcage, a deer, a beautiful letter B & R, maybe an owl.


  1. what a cute idea! I bought a whole bunch of birdcage stamps at Joanne's fabrics, I dont know if you have one where you live, but they were on sale for a dollar!

  2. That's great --and actually where I purchased all of the above : ] I was thinking about heading back this evening to scrounge around a bit more. But you got some for a buck!? Good steal, girl!

  3. This is such a lovely idea!


    PS: wich lettertype did you use? I like it!

  4. Thanks, Nikki! I used American Typewriter font.