28 March 2011

To My Sweet Kaila




Kaila Textured Blazer

What a great spring break! Granted, I was sick in bed with a fever for a couple days and also had to work a lot, but I did have a couple days off and finally got to visit an old friend in Seattle. We ate great food, had lovely chats, visited several coffee shops, watched some unnerving documentaries, and went shopping for a bit too. It was so great -- Kaila is not only outgoing and stylish, she has a huge heart. She's studying theology at SPU right now and it's absolutely perfect for her -- it makes me happy to see her so happy.

Also, she lets me take her picture! Most of my friends up here are camera shy and run away when the Nikon presents itself...which is saying something because I basically take it everywhere. I think it's true that I belong in a city with other city dwellers.

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