28 March 2011

What I'll Be Wearing

What I'll be Wearing

What I'll be wearing this spring. I was so excited over these perforated oxfords (F21), little tan purse(Nordstrom), and straw hat (F21) I got over spring break. I'm not much of a hat lady (my head is usually too small and awkward and I'm scared that the look can be a slippery slope toward Jason Mraz imitation) but after seeing how JCrew & Anthropologie are incorporating them this spring with oxfords, sweet little dresses, and sweeping maxis, I decided to try it out. If anything, it's something I should probably use as a sun protectant. Also, Robbie's been bugging me to try it.

And yes, I'll be "wearing" books -- I think a beautiful book tucked beneath your arm in the spring time is an unbeatable accessory. My latest: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Emily Dickinson's Collected Poems.

What are you most excited to wear this spring?

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