11 April 2011

An Important Question

how will you

I want to know: How are you going to be a happier person today? Start small. What's one thing you can do today -- send a letter, write a poem, forgive someone? Don't think about life changes or epiphanies. What's your one small thing today?


  1. I don't need to be a better person in anyone's eye but myself. I plan to be happy. I'm not here to make other people happy, but I won't make other people sad.

  2. hmmm I think I'll call my mom and talk to her for a while, usually brightens both of our days!

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  3. smiling all the time


  4. surprise someone. Great post, made me think.


  5. Wow. I really like this post
    -you are actually making me think.

    ...I think I can be a better/happier person today by spending time with my father. As I grew up I lost the "daddy-daughter bond" -and I think he misses it as much as I do.

  6. What a lovely blog! I'm happy discovered d it ;)


  7. i love what you wrote there, it's the little things that made a day. ;)

  8. hmm, this is a good question to think about, especially right now for me :) so thanks for pointing this out! I plan to be happy because I choose too and I'm grateful for being alive another day.

    have a great week my dear!

  9. My one small thing I'm going to do is smile at work today. What a thought provoking post.... I love it. Now I'm thinking of small little things I can do from this day on.