09 April 2011

Short Story

erin wasson jcrew


These photos are not my own, but I'm finding I'm tiring a bit of doing so few inspiration posts -- so I'm hopping back on that train at least a couple times a week.

I'm not too much of a shorts girl...I prefer dresses & skirts of all biases, but shorts can be so chic too, don't you think? I just think they need a bit more attention while styling. I like these two photos -- two completely different looks, one prepster-leaning and the other a little more raw, even subverted. The top photo (Erin Wasson for JCrew) is a little more in line with my style, but I think the second outfit is so cute too (Wilifred Spring/Summer) -- I love how the horizontal lines of the shoes echo the blouse's stripes. But I suppose my eye keeps drawing back to the first -- how sweet is the little bow tie?

How do you wear shorts?


  1. I doscovered shorts for myself last summer. They are perfect for long walks during hot days. They can be chic, they can be boyish... Versatile!


  2. I just discovered your blog and it is breathtakingly beautiful definitely one worth following xxx

  3. I was feeling inspired by the sun the other day, so I went through my closet and put a few new outfits together appropriate for spring weather, and three of them were centered around my favorite pairs of shorts! One pair is tweed, one navy, and one cut off shorts - so I had to be creative ;) I agree that they are very versatile to play with.

  4. yeah, there's something so perfect about the first photo - i definitely think it's the bow tie ;) but you have to admit...those shorts are pretty darn perfect.

  5. ooo love shorts in the first photo (erin wasson)

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  6. Love the comments! Shorts are growing on me!