01 April 2011


Overly Optimistic

Today I was a little ambitious thinking I could wear this out in the Seattle rain (dress, Max Studio/fedora & gold bangle, F21)! Didn't work out & had to change, but I tried!

My day, alphabetically:

A: The grade I want to get in all my English senior seminars. If I can pull it off, I'll have straight A's as a graduate this spring, and can maybe weasel my way into Journalism school at NYU or Columbia in a few years!
B: Bernie the beagle gave me lots of kisses when I picked up Robbie for coffee. And I'm wearing braids.
C: "Cheers!" is a word I'm addicted to saying. Also coffee.
D: Dweeb. What I called Robbie this morning when he started talking about GQ's most current style guide. But I actually love it.
E: Engagement photos -- what Robbie and I need to do as soon as the rain will quit!
F: Flash fiction. What I'll be working on today.
G: Green jacket -- my favorite military-inspired one -- and I'm wearing it today! And was wearing it when Robbie proposed.
H: Happy to not have class on Fridays!
I: Inundated -- what the rain is doing to the streets of Seattle today.
J: Jumping jacks -- I realized that I have a really odd habit of literally jumping out of bed. As soon as my feet touch the floor, I do an odd little jump. It's childish.
K: Kandice: a friend I miss dearly to whom I should write some snail mail.
L: Latin. I'm a Classical Latin minor, but I finished up a year ago -- and miss it, especially today!
M: Marriage -- thinking about my love and how excited I am for June 22!
N: "Nox" is the name of the book for my Eng 408 class that hasn't arrived yet. It means "night" in Latin.
O: Old dress. What I'm rocking today. Target. 20 bucks. Floral. Bangin'.
P: Picnic. I think Robbie and I are going to stage one in the woods/on a farm for engagement shots!
Q: Queennie is a friend of mine whose wedding photos I'm planning out right now.
R: Rock N Republic. I'm thinking about splurging on nice jeans soon.
S: Seven. Seven hours is the amount of time I will be at the Woods Coffee today.
T: Thrift shopping. Something I did yesterday, but want to do again today! My finds: a Max Studio green grecian dress, a beautiful pinboard, a little framed photograph of the Eiffel tower, and a blue mason jar lantern. Robbie lucked out with a tweed blazer, and TWO pairs of oxfords!
U: Ubiquitous. The presence of DSLRs in Seattle. Everyone!
V: Vanilla. I'm craving baking from scratch with the vanilla that Robbie's sister brought back from the Dominican Republic.
W: Woods Coffee. Where I'll be all day.
X: I want to X things off my to-do list today. That was a stretch.
Y: YOU! I want all of you readers to make a post like this too.
Z: I need to catch up on some Zzz's. I sleep a lot less in the spring/summer because I want to be awake & busy!

READERS: Please do a post like this too & post a link to your own! I'd love to see -- and it was surprisingly fast to write : ]


  1. Oh I love this idea!
    Mind if I use this too?


  2. PLEASE do! And send me a link : ] I want you all to try it.

  3. You are such a beautiful girl!

  4. you are SO adorable. i love the braids and hat. and he A-Z idea is so cute.

  5. This is a super cute picture of you! Love the A-Z idea.

  6. loOove yOur fedOra <3 x


  7. That's a cute outfit, I really like your hat a lot.
    You should send some of that rain over here to Texas!

  8. Your fedora is so cute.

    Love this a-z idea. And congrats on your engagement. :)

  9. Oh, what a wonderful idea! I'm definitely going to do the same for my blog :)