03 June 2011

Finally Unfettered!




After several weeks of not posting to work on finals, I am DONE! Hooray! I'm finished with school for an indefinite interval, and done with work until I find something in Denver. I've never felt so free and unfettered, and what a relief! The photo of me is a face divided -- part relief, part happiness, part utter exhaustion. The photos were taken down by the marina in town...I had a bit of time before a nautical-themed graduation shoot.

I'm excited to:
1. Finish wedding/honeymoon planning -- June 22 is fast approaching.
2. Start packing and applying for jobs in Denver.
3. Have time for photo shoots.
4. Read anything I want. I'm starting with a neat little stack of Steinbeck books.

I have missed reading all your blogs too. What is new with everyone? Tell me!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the picture of the boats! Nice to meet you and your lovely blog :)

  2. I'm so sorry to see you leave! I've been on a Steinbeck kick (or two) in my day. Adore. Good luck in all your adventures! You will be missed by many.