05 February 2012

dear husband (and bernie & archibald too)

this is husband/robbie
there are a million ways i love you. but today i love you because:
1. you'll watch anything with me. like glee. and sometimes you cry. (shh, don't tell!)
2. you talk about our future family.
3. you dress so, so well.
this is bernie the beagle.
today i love you because:
1. you were the runt of the litter (your belly makes this fact hard to believe) but your snout is amusingly & unnaturally skinny because of it. and it makes me laugh.
2. you never withhold love.
3. i've never met anyone who loved anything as much as you love food.
this is archibald.
today i love you because:
1. you must be the happiest puppy i've ever met!
2. the sweet little baby noises you make.
3. you always find a way to sleep on my face at night.


  1. this post is so sweet! like a milk chocolate hug!


  2. oh my god your blog is maybe one of the best i've come across in a while! i love your love!


  3. So sweet! I love mushy husband and dogs post the best. If i could do one everyday without annoying my family and readers I totally would. Its so encouraging to see two people so genuinely in love.

  4. I love that I have the same name as your dog haha! Ps- love your blog, all your photos are beautiful! I'm now following :)

  5. awesome blog
    i love your lovely post!

    wanna follow each other?
    Dream Big! xoxo

  6. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! LOVING the first pic you posted!!