15 February 2012

why i love the city

since i grew up right outside of d.c., i always imagined that i'd always be city girl.

i love the hustle, i love the bustle...i love the specific anonymity that comes from walking in a crowd. i love eavesdropping. i love hole-in-the-wall spots. i love that people don't look at you funny if you dress up for just a walk. or how you can wear a giant tulle flower on your chest and no one gives it a second thought. i love in the early morning, the way that far-off rear car lights have a natural bokeh. i love signs that light up. i might love signs that light up with missing letters even more. i love mismatched brick. i love a good horn honk now & then. i love food carts. i love a quiet bookstore nestled amidst a buzzing metropolis. and while we're on the topic of buzzing, i love the general cosmopolitan buzz. i love ostentatious people, and love when they end up next to me on a corner. and i love the odd ones too. in fact, i love that in the city, i'm not the oddest person (probably). i love being privy to the first seconds of a stranger's blind date. i love that espresso is always a short jaunt away, day or night. i love capital buildings. i love the post office. i love taxis. i love stoplights, especially in the evening. i love newspapers & newspaper offices & news reporters. i love the train station, and love how you wouldn't expect it, but it's the quietest place in town. i love doodling, reading, and writing in the city. i love flower shops in the city. i love steam rising off the street. i love the city in the rain. i love the smell of postage stamps. i love the sound heels make in the city alone. i love seeing a grand romantic gesture on the street or in a cafe. i love girls with short, short hair in the city. i love boys in bow ties in the city. i love the joie de vivre that only the city seems to give me. i love how the city gives me that unequivocal feeling that whatever, whoever, whyever i am, i know i'm right where i'm supposed to be. i love the city because i love wearing my heart on my sleeve, and in the city...well, in the city, people don't seem to mind that at all.


  1. These photos are awesome ! Continu I love your blog !

  2. I am definitely a city girl - through and through!

    Monochrome Magpie

  3. Stunning photos! Your blog is wonderful! I've never lived in a city, but I am moving to Portland in the fall! D.C. is a fabulous city though, I love all the history :)

  4. I need to remember to come back to this when I'm feeling not-so-fond of the city life. I love this.

  5. seriously, a great post. i love your photos and how you capture the rush of city life!!

  6. Wow! This post is perfect! Our newly married home will be in the countryside and it is so lovely but there is just something about the city which draws me in everytime!