20 March 2012

dear husband,

dear husband,

you have a special, wonderful love for animals. i see how all animals make you light up, and how they soften your eyes. i have the supreme pleasure of seeing you in that vulnerable state and how it brings out all your natural compassion & caretaker qualities.

just a few days ago, you began your journey of life as a vegetarian.
i'm happy-hearted about what it means for our life together, how we cook, how we'll raise our children. i'm happy because i know what it means to you personally, and for the peace of mind it brings you, choosing to abstain from eating animals mostly for the simple truth that you know you could never raise an animal, see it die, and consume it.

it's amazing to see how even after a week, your sense of pride in what you eat...and what you choose not to, has deepened. It's a decision that has to be made independently, and there are so many factors to weigh. in your own words, i know that this is just another way for you to explore your love of animals. it makes me happy to see you so happy.

love, b.

readers: the last thing i want is for this to be construed as a sort of holier-than-thou plug for vegetarianism. becoming a vegetarian was something i did years ago for my own reasons. i'm happy to share my story & beliefs with anyone who's interested, but don't want to make anyone uncomfortable either. if you have questions, email me! bridgetfossedal@gmail.com.


  1. i've thought a lot about being a vegetarian, i think i could do it - but i cook all our meals and my boyfriend would be really sad. i already dont do beef or pork.

    i love those photos too! u should share some fun vegetarian recipes!



  2. Really cute pics and post ! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog !


  3. This is so sweet. Your posts always are.... I'm glad that you are both so happy in your choices! My husband and I started eating a mostly vegan diet last year and we are so glad we did.

  4. Bridget, I love your blog :) It's so cute and happy and makes me happy too! As a vegetarian for over ten years now, this post especially rang true with me. I too was excited when Chase (who also loves animals) decided to try out vegetarianism. I love seeing other people enjoying vegetarianism. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is such a lovely post--love the honesty and pride it shows :)