04 April 2012

insta love grams: schizophrenic spring

park burger! named for us? Untitled
a date on a  new street 
Gourmet nutella Popsicle omgggg Untitled
gourmet nutella popsicles at spuntino & fancy grad school coffee
grad school classroom grad school classroom...
...and a fancy grad school classroom. whoa. 
Untitled Untitled
books i want & a book i have.
Untitled nitro liquid shakes at h burger. all of the om nom.
80 degrees & liquid nitro milkshakes
still makes me giddy Untitled
hand & foot
Untitled back to black tights.
schizophrenic weather in denver (80 degrees sunday, 30 & snow tuesday)
thanks for the shades miss @jennlanedesigns happy heart
but hey, i'm an optimist. here's to looking on the bright side of the mountain. 


  1. Loving your sunglasses!! :D And your instagrams are always so pretty. How do you do it? :)

  2. Those are great sunglasses! I had some awesome floral ones last year from F21, but unfortunately they're broken. Where are yours from?

  3. i heard about the crazy weather in denver! i love all these photos :)

    andrea brionne

  4. I love your sunglasses!

    And we have had crazy weather too a week ago it was all sunglasses and sandals and now it is winter coat, boots and scarves.

  5. I'm legitimately in love with Robbie's sweater in that first pic.

  6. WHAT are nitro shakes?! Those look UH-mazing.

  7. Nutella popsicles sound amazing!! wow :) Lovely pictures

    Stacie xo