04 June 2012

you, me, us, we

we sat down on sunday night to make a couple bucket lists: one for life, one for summer '12. we'll be back to add to them & cross things off, but we wanted to make them official on the deer circus, if only in their germinal stages.
you / me / us / we 
adopt a child or two internationally -- & have one of our own
give each other all the love we can muster every day of our lives
see a cure for cystic fibrosis in our lifetime
backyard chickens
christmas in paris
visit: italy, france, germany, greece -- ah, well, everywhere in europe
learn french
become good-enough videographers
have a rose bush & vegetable garden
learn to sew
rescue a cat
ride a train together & pretend we're on the hogwarts express
road trip with a restored airstream trailer
shoot so many weddings together
wizarding world of harry potter
live in new york for a time
a library with rolling ladder 
intern with geronimo balloon for a day (b)
restore a car for my son/daughter & shoot pro auto photos (r)
go snowshoeing
take one another on tours of our hometowns
take robbie to dc in the fall
every year: go to the state fair, visit a pumpkin patch, get a christmas tree from a tree farm
every year take photos for: christmas, valentine's day, anniversary
chalkboard kitchen cabinets

you / me / us / we 
summer 2012:
learn film photography
make a stop-motion movie
start checking off projects from our photog & diy bucket lists
anniversary self-portraits
go berry picking
drive into the mountains just to see the stars 
build our best blanket fort yet
a couple top-secret blog projects
start studying up on adoption
learn guitar & harmonica 
find b a cruiser & sewing machine
perfect a braid crown
sew b a skirt
get ice cream at ivar's & ride the ferry from mukilteo
have a staycation
miniature golf
create a dream thrift list
become decent shadow puppeteers
paint our wall chalkboard


  1. Wow these are amazing ideas. You have totally inspired me to right my own list on this to do this summer and in life. If all things go as plan you will have an amazing life.



  2. I love all of these. :) Please perform for us once you learn guitar and harmonica!

  3. Great list.

    Are you talking about the Mukilteo ferry in Wa??? If so, I know it. I love that beach area. Does that mean you are making a trip up to Seattle this summer?

  4. oh how these are all such beautiful things.

  5. aww these are both lovely lists! You need to start practicing your sewing and you'll get it in no time!



  6. Aw I love these lists! I think me and my Mr will have to sit down and think up a few bright ideas for summer 2012 too! X

  7. Amazing lists! Such beautiful things to do. Very inspiring! xo.

  8. these bucket lists are amazing! i hope you can achieve your summer one, and then your life one as well. i have one too and am ticking them off slowly, might add some of your suggestions inside :)

    wishfulpenguin.blogspot.com x

  9. an inspiring list! you're so ambitious, I love every single idea.

  10. Love these. Thank you so much for your sweet sweet comments in my blog. They really touched my heart. You are a beautiful soul.

  11. Amazing list, very inspiring!

    Check out my blog :)

  12. great list...I've never made a bucket list, but I should....

  13. Love this idea! Totally want to do this with the hubs now!

  14. Love love these bucket lists - especially the idea of a Christmas in July!!

  15. amazing bucket lists, but really.
    i love both of them, so many good things.
    but really.
    i want to adopt a child too.
    oh and beach cruisers are a must for the summer :)


  16. This is such a lovely idea and so inspiring. x

  17. You two are such an amazing couple! These lists are so special and fun! I love that some are just purely whimsical (like the hogwarts express ride) and some are so touching (adopting a child). Thank so much for sharing!

  18. Such amazing lists. I'm especially in love with the idea of building forts and painting your table mustard. So lovely.

  19. great lists! i have lots of bucket lists up there in my head - maybe i should write them down, so i can cross them off and do them!


  20. Such a beautiful bucket list. Honestly. Might add a few to my own. ;)


  21. amazing amazing amazing, fun fun fun! I need to take time to do more stuff like this, making buckets lists, how cool is that?! Super fun exciting things on your lists--and so adorable are you!

    If you end up deciding on Greece any time soon, let me know, we were there in the Fall!!!

  22. Wah these make my bucket lists seem so wimpy ;) I love that you're interested in adoption, it's such a wonderful thing and I think it's so great!


  23. I love bucket lists! I normally do one for each year as a kind of new years resolution thing. And so far I haven't crossed many off, really need to get on that.

  24. These are wonderful! I think my favorite though is anniversary self-portraits - I love that idea!

  25. I heard somewhere once that you're much more likely to do something if you write it down. You have a beautiful list for both the near and far future. Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. this year is our year for backyard chickens! the little girls are in tote in the guest bathroom for now, but are growing fast and will soon be out in the adorable coop i got for mother's day.

  27. What awesome lists! I wish you guys the best of luck with everything on them. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I have a friend who is friends with the Geronimo Balloons girl and she had those balloons at her little girl's birthday party on Saturday. Maybe I can help out on that item? Love your list! And I posted more pictures on my blog just for you:)

  29. I love these so much :) Great idea! I like to make lists + check them off too. P.S. I'm totally jealous about Bon Iver too.