13 July 2012


this year, because of wildfires in colorado (all the poor families), most of denver's fourth of july firework shows were cancelled. we sat on the capital lawn until 10:20, and when no firecrackers went off, we slugged back to the car, defeated. but then, when we were close to home, we saw the sky light up! we quickly pulled over, hopped out, and caught the end of this dazzling display. 

holding hands at the end of a hot summer day, watching the sky light up, brilliant & loud? it was the best. 


  1. i missed the fireworks this year :( these ones look beautiful!

  2. Awesome pictures of fireworks. love it. Is this a polaroid app? I normally don't share about giveaways on comments but I'm giving away a polaroid camera on my blog, I noticed you have a lot a polaroid posts. You might be interested!

  3. I think seeing fireworks is probably one of the biggest highlights of my summer. There's something so wonderful about seeing them sparle in the sky and feeling like a little kid again!

    neha made

  4. awesome, and beautiful photos!

  5. Hello! I'm new to your blog and enjoying reading so far.

    Those are splendid fireworks! Holding hands on a summer night while fireworks burst over head is definitely special. =)