01 August 2012

a few of my favorite things

10 favorite things this week: 
1. surprise thunderstorms that slow the city & cool our apartment. 
2. wearing polka dots
3. my last day at my part-time job:  time for photography & getting our apartment ship-shape. 
4.  robbie's sister called last night in the middle of dinner & he stopped eating to consult her about a prescription. it was so sweet.
5. watching crummy iphone videos from the bon iver concert in may with robbie. 
6. exercising patience when archibald destroyed our living room -- choosing to remember that stuff is just stuff. 
7. thrifting with lane
8. making our home clean & pretty -- a place to nurture our love & creativity. 
9. having a husband who supports my dreams and makes happiness & security priorities in our home
10. taking 30 minutes in the middle of the day to read -- opening to just the right page, and reading just the right words i needed to hear. 

what are you favorite things this week? 


  1. I love love that lace collar with the polka dots!!

  2. staying in my jammies till noon! and cereal.

    ox, amanda

  3. I am loving the thunderstorms here in cluj, Romania this week!

  4. Bridget what a sweet post. My favorite things this week have been sharing hopes with Ryan late at night, watching classic movies with Nellie, eating cookies which I never allow myself, running out to take pictures after a storm, and reading sweet comments like the ones you always leave me. You're an amazing lady and I'm so excited to see what a little extra time will mean for your photography.

  5. wearing polka dots is one of my favorites, too :)

  6. It's always nice to think about the things that have made you happy!

  7. these are all special, but I really like number 10 and number 2! Hope you are well Bridget!!

  8. Are you a Christian? Simply encouraged by the little thing you said about opening up to the right page and reading just what you needed to read. The Bible? xoxo

  9. i love love love this top. seriously its gorgeous.
    these are all good things.
    what a great husband. supporting dreams is so important.


  10. i've totally been loving thunderstorms lately too! they're the best when they pop in for just a bit on a summer afternoon. great post!

  11. My favorite thing to do has been cleaning, and wearing some new clothes I've accumulated! It sounds like you've had a great week. I love thunderstorms and sitting at the window with my cat! :)

  12. I love thunderstorms! Lovely list.. I think your last day at your part time job is definitely something worth celebrating.. I know I can't wait for mine!! I just need to find a new full time job first!! It's so great that Robbie will support you focussing on your photography and help you live your dream.

    In response to your comment: I wish we were neighbours too so you could bring me along to all these fabulous thrift stores! I'm always so jealous of all your finds :)

    I need a new book recommendation.. I've been reading the Paris Wife which is brilliant and it's making me embarrassed that I haven't read any Hemingway.. have you read any/what have you read of his?

    And one more last thing.. will you still be able to email me the list of resources you were telling me about?

    Hannah xx


  13. PS. my favourite things this week have been:

    1. finishing making my top
    2. shopping for new fabric
    3. finding lost treasures when clearing old clothes out of our loft
    4. having the time (now I'm not on placements/internships) to actually sit and read a book

  14. I have been petrified of thunder and lightening my whole life. Last night we had the biggest storm and my man and I wrapped up in furry blankets and sat on the balcony and watched. Made me feel so much safer and I am proud to say my fear is almost gone! Love Elle xo

  15. i love polka dots and that lace collar-- so pretty.

    at the moment the sunshine is making me very happy :)

  16. i also love thunderstorms and the rain!

    this week i am thankful for: friendship, thrifting, healthy pups, midnight grocery trips and creative inspiration.

  17. I just love that every time I visit your blog, you post something new that encourages your readers to live deeply and delightfully. You live with such lovely joie de vivre, Bridget! It's not easy, but how much more lovely our lives can be when we focus on being thankful for the beauty around us instead of allowing ourselves to hurt too long for things we wish for. Thank you for being such an inspiration to live beautifully and exuberantly!


  18. Seems like you had a very lovely week (despite the little living room destruction -- although it seems like you handled that just well). Hope you have some amazing pictures to share of all the decorating in your apartment! :)