10 August 2012

a few of my favorite things

10 favorite things this week: 
1. robbie didn't work much, so i had lots of time with my honey.
2. a free sewing machine from a friend. 
3. robbie got me bobbins, needles, thread, pins, and a tomato to get my machine all set up. 
4. a date at the dog park. 
5. riding our bikes in the evening to the bookstore, and sharing a coffee at the corner table & reading together. 
6. seeing batman with friends. 
7. thrifting for paperback books together at goodwill & exploring broadway. 
8. booked a flight back to wa for two last-minute wedding shoots and friend time! (the downside: i'm terrified of flying, and i'm going to miss robbie too much...)
9. co-hosting a yard sale tomorrow is a good excuse for coca cola & pizza all day long.
10. late nights watching too many hours of modern family & the olympics with my best friend. 

what are your favorite things this week? 


  1. all of these things sound amazing. seriously. sounds like a pretty good week.
    but really. also, loved batman.
    and bike riding makes any day better :)


    have a great weekend!

  2. Married With Children with the boyfriend before bed. (Last mth was My Name Is Earl).

    Coffee date with the bestie.

    Dinner with the boyfriend, his mom & her boyfriend at her home, on the deck the boyfriend made for her.

    Those were a few of my favorite things this week. I really like this idea. Might have to do one!! :) :)

    I have never flown on an airplane and I feel I would have panic attacks. Though, I really want to try next year...

    well, have fun in WA. With all the fun you'll be having... next thing, it's time to go home to your honey. Have a happy weekend, Bridget. :)

  3. it sounds like you had an awesome week :)

  4. What a wonderful week you had! Sounds like such a joy!

  5. Definitely all the Olympic watching, such a good excuse to stay up late since it only happens every 4 years!

  6. These sound like a lot of my favorite things! Specially the riding bikes and spending time with the husband :)

  7. I'm glad that you were able to spend a lot of time together! That definitely makes for a good week! :)

  8. Making pizza dough for homemade pizzas, having a lazy Sunday breakfast at a cafe, putting old photographs into an album, drinking wine in the garden and packing and preparing for my late honeymoon and 18hour flight for tomorrow. That was kind of my least favourite too, along with my flat tyre! X

  9. what a great week you have had. good job using your time wisely.

    pretty picture of you.

  10. Cute(: Sounds like a nice week!

  11. free sewing machine? oh yes. a blessing indeed!

  12. Everything sounds great! I can't wait to get a bike! My weeks been pretty borning. Looking forward to next week! Date night with hubby and my daughter gets back from California ;) Enjoy your weekend!
    Xo Sandra

  13. love love love this list. If only I could have your life... and your free sewing machine! ;) xo