29 August 2012


college. sitting in closets with @amandabergam.hi new mustard pants. I like you & we're going to be great friends. #freepeople
just a tiny bit obsessed...#vintagehis new favorite spot.
enamored. #jcrewremember:
tick tock #gold #watch@samanthadworshak at cherry creek. freakin. #madewell
the 48 hour read I needed.nothin like coming home to a half breakfast from mcD's from a @abowtieguy. this will probably be what kills me in the end.
1: an old polaroid from freshman year of college. i sat in closets. it ruled. 2: helloooo, mustard pants! i hope you like my legs & butt because they like you. 3: vintage. 4: archibald, get off the table! (or, actually, hold still while i take your picture, and THEN get off.) 5: jcrew: get in my closet! 6: a healthy reminder. 7: tick-tock, can't take it off. 8: madewell coming to a mall near me. ruh-roh. 9: a good read. 10: mcdonald's breakfast...again. so sue me...those stamped-out, unishape hashbrowns rock. 


  1. Nothing beats a good ole McBreakfast every now and again! I can't resist the whole syrup inside tiny pancake concept :)

  2. I love the polaroid of you in the cupboard! I really want to copy you with that framed quote. It looks fab



  3. Madewell is the greatest store ever. You will spend all of your money there, though. Also, I went to my local JCrew to buy that grey sweater with the attached peter pan collar, but it was all sold out :( Checking for it online right now!

  4. At least your McD breakfast is on a real plate, that definitely justifies it in my opinion ;)


  5. I love your photos, especially how you make a McDonald's breakfast look so unbelievably elegant : ) Love your blog!

  6. i am a TOTAL sucker for those macdonalds hash browns! so bad, but s-o-o-o-o good :) x

  7. cool photos.. thanks for sharing.. I'm always curious of the lives of other bloggers so these kind of posts I do like.
    I'm a big book worm, what's that book about I wonder? is it good?
    thanks for your comment on my blog btw.. take care!

  8. Awesome photographs :D And I love your blog :D New follower here :D

  9. I love how you laid out this post!

  10. I looove the polaroid and your watch! And you know how much I like this kind of article, always makes me happy :)