29 August 2012

robbie's current obsessions

robbie & i always have a good time talking about men's fashion. it started a few years ago when robbie took up a real interest in picking up hints from his predecessors more than his peers. men's style is so interesting to me because it has such continuity & pragmatism. about every day, robbie shares his latest obsessions with me. 

i've decided to start cataloging what he shares with me -- and share it with you too. i do hope you enjoy! 
robbie's current obsessions
2: paul varjak & his style -- from breakfast at tiffany's  
3: chronograph watches (timex)
4: cool-weather clothing season-- printed sweaters & new laces 
5: film cameras (like the nikon fm10)  
6: green plaid (tie bar pocket square
7: oxfords with colored soles 
8: joseph gordon-levitt's current haircut


  1. Very nice, Robbie must have great style! x

  2. This is so cool that you're doing this! You two have such good style. I LOVE plaid on guys. I am always trying to get McKay to wear plaid. I am going to have to show him this post.

  3. 'Varjak comma Paul. V-A-R-J-A-K'

    I LOVE that film!


  4. Quite the fashionable man! Gosh!
    xo Heather