07 September 2012

mukilteo, wa + a happiness post

my mom took these photos off the main road that runs through my little hometown of mukilteo, wa. the city sits next to the puget sound, and the mornings are usually foggy like in these photos...which are untouched, right off the camera. that overcast is a photographer's dream. 
and also, here are
10 favorite things this week: 
1. robbie gave me 7 notes to read on my plane ride to seattle.
2. mother-daughter time with my own mom & mother in law this week.
3. just about the sweetest email i've ever received.
4. shot my first lds wedding on saturday.
5. ...and shooting another one, for a dear friend, tomorrow.
6. robbie bought me special mustard pants & they rule. 
7. spending a couple days in seattle with my best friend kelsey.
8. roaming half price books with my mom for 3 hours.
9. my amazing new garland from rifle paper co.
10. this text from robbie: "i want to go get costco pizza with you right now, and i want you to embarrass me by playing with your pizza."


  1. I love your bangs!! I'm thinking of getting some myself..

    Hahah #10.

  2. What a beautiful list of this weeks love. The notes on the plane were the sweetest! And those mustard jeans are fantastic!

  3. have a great weekend with everyone! cute you got 7 letters, hes adorable...and i love your pants!

    xxClassic & Bubbly

  4. Sounds like you're having a good holiday!


  5. I WANT THOSE PANTS! The color is so dreamy.

  6. hooray for all of the above.

    so jealous you are home in wa right now. Im from Lynnwood, so we were once neighbors! {have i said that already, if so, embarrassing} GOT to get back there already. sheesh.

    good job robbie for giving you notes on the plane. smart.

  7. Beautiful photos! (love the outfit btw!)
    Robbie has fantastic taste if he bought you those pants, they're fantastic ;) !


  8. I really can't handle how cute and wonderful you are! You just have such an appreciation for life.

  9. Aww, you're hubby is too sweet! I love those jeans you're wearing!
    xo sandra

  10. love the text from robbie - that's the kind of 'love language' that i understand :) oh, that and the gift of mustard pants ;)

  11. I love your blog , it's amazing you're amazing x

  12. Aw, love the 10 favorite things, and love your jacket and mustard skinnies!

  13. shopping with my mom is one of my most favorite things to do…which gives me the idea. maybe i should i go out with her right now -- sunday morning in the local market. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  14. aww those mustard pants are lush! they make everything look so sunny.. this post has reminded me of the long long long (and belated) email that i owe you... sorry my dear! things have gotten a little bit mental but I'm just waiting for deadlines to pass and for things to settle down and then I'm on it because I need your camera knowledge!!



  15. As a chick living in Seattle... the gray of this shot hits pretty close to home. :) I actually totally adore fall around here, with the crisp overcast air mixed with random bursts of sunshine.
    Yay for Fall!


  16. I LOVE how in love you and Robbie are. Yes.

  17. Those pants are indeed special. Love them!

    And that last one cracked me up. :)