05 October 2012

it snowed in denver & other happy things

a few favorite things this week...
1. it snowed this morning! 
2. eggnog!
3. playing with our backup camera. 
4. meeting colin meloy of the decemberists.
5. whittling down my wardrobe. 
6. the dress i loooooove the most from anthropologie went on sale. i've sent about a million photos of it to robbie and a long list of ways i could wear it. my birthday is in november -- my fingers are crossed. 
7. reading wildwood late into the night. 
8. a special photography project on monday.
9. robbie & i took lane to ikea for the first time -- it rocked her world. and we spotted loads of new fort-building materials in the children's section...
10. the mister's "hell week" at pharmacy school ends today. and he has saturday off! …and corn mazes are open. just sayin'. 


  1. it snowed!??!?
    Sounds like you had a pretty wonderful week:) Love love love that you find the good in your week people get too stuck up on that bad things, always great to look for the gold, brings more in your life! :)



  2. Snow in Denver?! Already!?!? I'll (hopefully) be there in November, so I better pack lots of sweaters!!

    I hope you get that Anthro dress for your birthday :)

  3. so nice pics . nice fashion . i like it .
    Parfum pas cher

  4. Snow sounds lovely! I wish it snowed just once in LA!

  5. aww I'm so jealous of the snow!! I want snow here too!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the dress.. it's my birthday too in November but I haven't spotted anything special at the moment



  6. It seriously snowed? That is so cool! It's been almost 100 here and I'd love for the weather to cool down.

  7. I love your dress! Your so lucky it snowed, where I live it hardly ever snows and when it does its usually in January!

  8. lovely photos! you always have such pretty pics on the blog.

    The House of Shoes

  9. i officially love ikea and can not stop thinking about all of the things i need.

  10. @sara shoemaker: thank you -- that's really sweet of you to say. : )

    @jenn: we will be back.

  11. hi bridget! thank you for the sweet comment, it's so great to hear from someone who has been touched by everything that happened here. it was pretty crazy, our parents were evacuated, but fortunately, their home was fine.
    fall does feel so welcome here and i too, think it will be a good time for co.
    it's so exciting to connect with someone from the area. plus, i just stalked your blog and love it! your pictures are gorgeous.
    excited to follow along!