13 October 2012

my attempt at working from bed

r is on a trip this weekend, and i've got lots of editing to do. most days i prettify myself, and go to a cafe to work. but yesterday, i tried out the whole working-in-your-pjs-from-bed thing. 
i wore sweat pants (the only pair i've ever owned. no joke.) and fleece socks. 
i maybe also stole robbie's sweater. just imagine how it all looked together…
this one stayed by my side & offered some barks of encouragement…but mostly just begged me for food. 
i kept a supply of pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies on hand -- for myself, not bernie the beagle. i did sneak her some of my apple slices though. 
and i maybe took some time to tackle messes, like this one. 
…and this one...
…and this one too. 

but actually, i didn't clean up. ok, i washed those dishes and did one load of laundry. 

but if we're being honest, the whole working-from-home thing is really hard for me. i get distracted by wanting to organize things and read books. also the dogs. bless those puppies, but they can't sit still or keep quiet around me. also, i hate not being dressed up. i can't concentrate without a good skirt on -- it's regrettable, but it's the way i work. so today i'll have to duck into a cafe to clock some work hours -- for  a little bit at least. 


  1. Ahh, attest you tried! I work from home full time, and it does take some getting use to. But a Cafe sounds much nicer! Have a great day. xx ::: Shauna ::: www.shaunawyrick.com

  2. No I know how you feel! Moving to an apartment with an office from just a desk in my room has made all the difference!

  3. I'm the same - working from home can be a nightmare when you get so easily distracted! Sometimes it's nice to work from home and stay snuggled under the duvet for a little longer



  4. I love that you have Frosted Flakes. Best cereal ever. I get distracted at home too but other times I am amazingly productive. I never know what it's going to be when I sit down at my desk.


  5. Aw, Bernie is the cutest! xxx

  6. This is a great outfit post! ;-) I agree, you need to be really focused and hardheaded when working from home, there are so many potential distractions...

  7. I rarely blog from bed, and I won't even go to a cafe, usually I go to the library. They have free wifi for 3 hours, so I put my headphones in and knuckle down. But every now and again, bed is a nice change!

  8. Girl, I totally feel you. I figured this about myself in college, so on days when I knew that I would be logging quite a few hours of studying, I would dress up and make my way to the library. It's so weird but so true.


  9. @lena: i totally second that! i lived in my campus library during college…i always joked that i should start paying them rent.

  10. I spy HP books!! I always work from bed, lol. Might be why I don't get things done when I plan to...

  11. @lulu: thanks! she's my baby. i'll give her a pat on the head just from you. : )

  12. You've only ever owned one pair of sweatpants!? What a shocking fact. I am a sweat pants dweller.

  13. that sweater is amazing.

    and i want my bed to look that comfy!

  14. I understand how you feel! My boyfriend went out of town last weekend and I literally was in bed all day. It's not that I can't function without him but usually when he's around I make plans for us to do fun activities! It was a great lazy day filled with movies :)

    Jackellyn @ In the waiting line

  15. I love stay at home and be comfy in pjs days! :) Let's me get stuff done around the house. but it is also fun to get all cute and go somewhere so you feel like you got something done huh. I love all the pictures you take, even pics of something simple looks so beautiful the way you do it!

    The House of Shoes

  16. Sometimes if I'm in a lazy slump in terms of productivity, I just NEED to get dressed before I get anything done. It's just how my brain works somehow. Who knows.

    I love the look of that sweater ;)

  17. Working from home is harrrrd. Distractions are abundant! I also totally get the good skirt thing, even though I'm not a huge skirt/dress wearer. I do however feel the need to "prettify" and dress creatively when I am trying to get something creative done......nice try though! ;)

    Also, some days just call for pajamas and organizing all day!

  18. I'm horrible at working from home... I never get a stitch of work done!
    xo Heather

  19. I love that the picture of your kitchen has a box of cereal sitting on the counter. We all know that someone in your household has a cereal fetish. :)


    P.S. Working from home is hard!

  20. some days I love working from home and other days I absolutely hate it. but mostly love :)

  21. i wish i was more like you--i seem to waste far too many days in sweat pants wrapped in my duvet :)

  22. I totally feel you! Thanks for commiserating on my instagram editing picture haha. I have started bringing my laptop down to the kitchen at least instead of the bedroom! I have roommates, so it forces me somehow to think I am in a more "public" place and thus, should have my vintage listings opened and not say, facebook, and bloglovin, and at least three shopping tabs.
    I also think you should steal Robbie's sweater for good! ;)
    AND, I would LOVE to do some sort of fun dress up photo shoot thing in the near future! Like maybe a morning one? With coffee first! This week is way to insane but lets be in touch soon!! :)