02 October 2012

the parks get a visitor!

will, one of our very favorite seattle friends paid us a visit in denver this week. it was so great having him here! will's been interviewing for dental school...we not-so-secretly hope he chooses NYU so we can not-so-secretly follow him there after robbie finishes pharmacy school. : ) 

p.s. i really love the last couple of photos will took of our arms on the table -- i'm pretty smitten with that husband of mine. 


  1. Snooze..is this a must eat for us this weekend? Looks so adorable and charming inside!

  2. All of these pictures are amazing (as always). And I agree the arms pictures are wonderful, such tender moments caught. I think we have the same striped top, H&M?

  3. @from head 2 toe: absolutely, absolutely, absolutely! you MUST.

  4. @bekuh browning: that it is my friend. : )

  5. This looks like the cutest little place - love the way its designed, wow!

    Also you guys are the cutest, and I love your hair that way :D


  6. Aww friend visits are the best. I love all these photos. You captured some good moments. =)

    - Sarah

  7. I love those pictures too. :) Adorable! And i love your hair. I wish i could do some crazy things with mine...

  8. OH MY WORD. I soo love your hair. It's crazy awesome!

  9. Isn't it fun whem friends come visit?! I just love showing my friends around my new home.
    And I loove those pics of your arms. Such a good idea!


  10. Ahhh! Your hair is so pretty! It makes me miss my long hair. :/ I can't do that hairstyle with my short hair!! :( That's nice that you got to spend time with your friend. I really like the photographs of your arms also!

  11. Those last photos are precious! It gives a bit of a different perspective and I love that.


  12. Awesome pictures! You look adorable with those little braids of yours!

  13. Those last few photos are so darling!
    xo Heather

  14. Just kidding, I found you on instagram and just added you! :)

  15. I love when friends come to visit and getting to show them about town!

    You hair looks absolutely gorgeous, by the way!

  16. you're right about the last photos, darling.

  17. Just got finished reading all the comments you posted on my blog. You're the cutest. They made my day:)

    In answer to your questions:

    1. It was from a place in Richmond called Galaxy Diner!
    2. Lewis is my bunny ;)
    3. Wasn't it the cutest? It made me want to wear knee socks and pull out my record player.
    4. Thanks! I made it ^_^
    5. Hope you liked my facebook page (no pun intended) I just found yours:)

    P.s. We never did a button exchange! Would you still want to do one?

  18. YOUR HAIR! Oh my cuteeee!!! You can pull off anything. And those pancakes...YUM. Love the last couple pictures too :)

  19. How did I just discover your blog? It's absolutely amazing! Can't wait to read more of your posts :) Your hair is wonderful! I chopped off like nine inches so I can't do that with my hair anymore, but it was definitely my fave go-to style for any occasion :)
    Nice to meet ya!

    - Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog

  20. Lovely pictures and I love your hair like this (: You look gorgeous miss!

    Dearest Lou

  21. the photos are really lovely! I love your hair like that too, I try and do that style sometimes but it never looks as good! xx