11 October 2012

this dude...

this guy is taking off for san diego tomorrow. 
he's going to a nerd-tastic pharmacy convention. 
i'm going to miss him because, well, he's him. and also because i'm scared of the dark, i hate sleeping alone…oh, and because now i'll have to take the dogs out to pee at 5 am. shoot. here's to hoping the weekend flies by! 

have fun, mr. park! 


  1. I'm home alone tonight too, boo :(

  2. Aww :( Hope the weekend is a quick one (Never thought I'd say that!)
    xo Heather

  3. i totally felt them same way when my bf left town - who will take the dog out!

  4. Aw...I bet he'll miss you too. =)

    I hope he has very safe travels and that you have peaceful sleep.

    Blessings to you!

  5. Well if you go to bed by 5 and wake up by 7, then you'll never know it was dark ;)

  6. girl i totally feel ya on being scared of the dark & sleeping alone. I'm the same way. If my husband is out of town, usually i sleep with the bathroom light on haha!

  7. Sleeping alone until these darn clerkships are over. Is it Christmas yet?!?

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  9. Ughhh BUMMER. I'm so sorry. I hate it when McKay is gone. 5am? You guys are such good dog parents! And so cute that Robbie always takes him out!

  10. My home town!! :) I get freaked out of the dark too when I'm alone so I sleep with Xmas lights on lol. Sucks you gotta wake up at 5. But hey at least you get to go back to sleep! ;)

  11. My boyfriend leaves for the weekend next week and I just feel the same ! Except for the dogs (we don't have any and I'd love to ! I'd feel less lonely...) but my best friend is coming to spend the weekend with me so it should be fun. But still, I'm gonna miss him so I totally understand !

  12. I can relate. I usually have family and/or friend over to keep me company or go to my parents'/a sister's.

    Here's to hoping time flies as well!

  13. Aww I wish you were coming to San Diego, too! We could've hung out. :)

  14. Aw!!! My husband is away on a golf trip this weekend so I feel your pain - and anxiety! Taking the dogs out by yourself in the dark is never fun.

  15. Being alone stinks! My husband has been gone for work about a week. Hang in there girl, I feel your pain.

  16. I totally hate sleeping alone too! But at least you will have your sweet pups by your side <3

  17. oh I absolutely hate sleeping alone too. :(

  18. so many of you were alone this past weekend too! hope you all accomplished lots, had some good solitary time…and hopefully the weekend went by fast enough for all of you too. : )