03 November 2012

happy saturday!

hey there.
a few of my favorite things this week:
1. robbie turned 24!
2. watching robbie play with his new film camera.
3. the in-laws in town for the weekend.
4. addicted to pretty little liars. no shame.
5. that tweed blazer i'm still terribly in love with.
6. books: finished the glass castle which is easily my new favorite read. started best american essays 2010 which is excellent too!
7. a text from a friend telling me she has a hair appointment to go get bangs because of me. bangs rule!
8. a surprise in the mail from my beautiful friend mandi. 
9. tom's urban 24 opening in denver. it's the most wonderful eatery.
10. red tights! red tights! red tights! red tights! 


  1. Pretty Little Liars is the BEST! How intense was the Halloween episode?!

    visiting from lovehann.blogspot.com

  2. Also obsessed with PLL. Literally have a notebook where I write clues & foreshadowing. Nerd much?

    The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books ever! Jeanette Walls' other book is great too!


  3. that is such a pretty picture <3 I love surprises in the mail! xx

  4. It looks like you had a very nice week! ^^
    That dress is gorgeous <3

  5. Your outfit is just darling! Also, your posts about Robbie's birthday really touched my heart. Especially the story that his mom told you. :')

    I hope you have a wonderful and happy saturday!

    neha made

  6. love the red tights. i have mustard yellow ones that i love. happy weekend!

  7. Love the outfit! And the list, so much so be happy about and thankful for!
    Almost Endearing

  8. Sounds like a wonderful week! And that outfit is adorable. Gotta get my hands on some colorful tights soon ;)

  9. heck yes to bangs! heck yes to feeling grateful! and i suppose i will finally give in to pretty little liars.. people tend to tell me i ought to be on that show (and/or any other ABCFamily show..) but for some reason i've never watched it! don't get me started on jane by design or the lying game though.. :)

  10. Red tights are not for me but you look very cute in them.



  11. bangs are the best. end of story.

  12. I love Pretty Little Liars ! I have to start watchng again ! And red tights rule.

  13. loved the glass castle! it's so sad though :(