25 November 2012

sick grams

it's strep. and it's bad. the doctor gave me 5 prescriptions. goodnight!sunday best, the sick edition. #legs #vscocam #strep #sickday
beagle paw. #beagle #vscocamthis. happening. now. #sheandhim #christmasIMG_2476#PicFrame
I live here now. #strep #sickday #mustardblanketofwonders #vscocammismatch. #sickday #stayinbed #vscocam
well, *i think* i'm starting to feel on the up & up! thanks for playing audience to my self-indulgent posts…it's all i can do to keep entertained. truly. i can't tell you how many times i've attempted to dig into our holiday decorations box & had to make a beeline for the bathroom to vomit instead. (TMI? sorry.)

in the meantime, i'm grateful for: 
instagram entertainment
 health insurance
the clinic only a few blocks away
two puppies
get-well messages
my dear husband
codeine cough syrup (seriously, bless that stuff)
extra sheets and our own washer & dryer
christmas movies & music
my wonderful friend lauren who dropped off a care package
hot showers
 my mother --  who lost it when i texted her: "i'm dying." (sorry, mom.) 


  1. Perfect photos,nice dog :)


  2. I love also the codeine,hahahahaaha
    Nice,nice pictures!!!

  3. so glad you're on the mend! ohh your mom's reaction hahah

  4. Aw...so sorry you've been so sick!

    I'm finally over strep myself. So, I totally know how bad it can be.

    Sweet friends are such a blessing!
    My dear friend brought me sunshine flowers while I was sick.

    Oh my goodness! I laughed when I read what you texted your mom! I totally understand how you felt in that moment. Sorry that you scared your mom though. lol

    Looks like you've been very well taken care of. =)