25 November 2012

what makes you serene?

last night, robbie & i were talking about images that make us serene -- when we're feeling blue, or stressed, or can't sleep -- the pictures we conjure to make us peaceful. 

my big one: falling snow. 

i think we'll make longer lists & print off photos -- make a happy corner in our place. (p.s., robbie's big one is a bowl of cereal.) 

what images always make you peaceful? 


  1. This post is so lovely!! I love the snow. Rain definitely makes me serene. Or sailing, there's something about cruising on the water which is so peaceful..

    XO Jenna

  2. Love this photo! Love raining night and snow!

  3. I love falling snow, now that I've moved to where it does snow I can't wait to wake up to it. Pictures of clouds always make me feel peaceful. :)

  4. blurry photos with twinkling lights, always

  5. @mel: oh my gosh. totally. adding that to the list. : )

  6. the sound and view of rain is very peaceful to me. i can stare at the rainfall for hours.
    the snow pic is so lovely.
    take care.


  7. It sounds very tipical, but i love to watch my baby sleeping,a very blue and clean sky,gold fields of wheat in summer, watching the film "singing in the rain"....


  8. I love this picture, falling snow looks magical !

  9. Oooh I love these. That picture up there sure did give me a burst of peace. I love any images of the beach. I'm instantly calmed down just seeing the sand and ocean and knowing they're waiting for me as soon as summer comes (and often, before summer is even close to arriving.. no patience here..). A favorite trick I learned in school was to close my eyes and imagine breathing in sparkly, bright blue air and breathing out brown air. Try it! It instantly calms you down. And yes, this was in a degree-earning program haha ah theatre school.. :)

  10. Wow, love this one! :)
    I like pictures of cats lying on a couch next to a table with a cup of hot tea on it :)

  11. I love falling snow! It is so magical.