31 December 2012

that time i was sick on new year's & took the opportunity to look through ALL my old instagrams and blog posts. and how happy that made me.

2012 was the best year yet. But I hope the old adage - how you spend the new year is how you'll spend the rest of this year-- isn't true, cuz I'm sick as a dog. It's pjs & cough syrup for me!
here's a handful of my favorite IGs from 2012. as you can see i wore lots of red & yellow, welcomed home the mustard blanket of wonders, and we both used bernie as a pillow. but in all seriousness, this may have been the best year yet. we moved into a new place, i shot my first weddings & interned at a big-time magazine, learned to sew, robbie became a vegetarian, he held some chickens, we carved our first pumpkin. maybe the best thing was that i started to blog more regularly on this thing, and now can look back on all the things i mentioned. and so much more. in my heart, i know our best years are still to come. but oh how grateful i am for this one.

as for my new years -- there won't be sparkles or the special dress & hairdo i'd planned. i'll be in bed, in pjs, ever so unglamorously downing cups of 7up & spoonfuls of cough syrup. i'm a bit bitter considering i was also sick on independence day & thanksgiving…but feeling very grateful that bubbi ran out to get me hot chocolate. 

have a very good new year, everyone! 


  1. Our new years was lame as well but ended up being perfect. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Happy New Year Bridget! Looking forward to seeing all those amazing pictures you'll be taking when you go on fabulous dates with your fella ;)

  3. mm.. i love your photos.. Happy new year! :)

  4. Love those photos! Happy new year!

    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick on a fun holiday sucks.

  5. "...and we both used bernie as a pillow" : i giggled! feel better doll.

  6. Happy New Year! I loved getting to find your blog in 2012 :)