26 December 2012

the nutcracker

every year, robert takes me to see the nutcracker.
it may just be my favorite tradition of ours -- and i also count it as our first. 

this year was our 7th year going together…and our second year going in denver…and -- get this -- the first year we actually took photographs. we're a little sad we can't look at photos from past years -- remember the little details like what we wore, laugh at how our hair looked, and so on. but we're happy we remembered the camera this year. and i think this year was also the best. we walked about 18 blocks to the opera house (and 18 back) in snow & ice. it made for a great, long talk & made our pre-show starbucks even tastier. also, during the walk, robbie slipped a lot on the ice…and it was pretty cute. 


  1. What an adorable tradition! Glad you remembered the camera, the pictures are lovely!


  2. aww I love the nutcracker.. it never seems to be on in the north east at christmas time though!! It's always just before or just after!

    Hope you had a lovely night :)

    Hannah xx

  3. Aw, the Nutcracker is so timeless. How perfect :)


  4. This is lovely!

    I just have to say, that coat is AMAZING! Love the shape of it. Lovely, lovely!

  5. You both have such great style - I especially love your skirt! Your whole outfit actually. Very feminine. :)

    I haven't seen the nutcracker in ages too. How was the orchestra? Fantastic I bet.

  6. i'm seeing the nutcracker on friday! in the UK though... can't wait :)

  7. you both look incredibly precious. and I love robbie's mixed patterns!

  8. What an awesome tradition! You both look so great. I am trying to remember my camera for a lot of things from now on- be able to remember the little details. :)

  9. The Nutcracker is the best. :) I so wish I could have gone this year! I do love these pictures, I'm glad you started taking them. haha!

  10. Oh how fabulous. I want to go to the Nutcracker now.

  11. i stayed right there in that hotel you're both standing in front of, holding your starbucks, with the funny vertical block letters. and i performed right there on that stage with that gorgeous seating and the beautiful backstage area. and somehow i always forget, in between the remembering. and the remembering is very important, thank you for that tonight. i hope you both had a wonderful, marvelous, balletic time. (and that skirt! tulle to a ballet, of course!)

  12. Oh i love the nutcracker! i used to go every year when i was younger but have not been in a few years. love that you took photos :)

  13. you guys always put a smile on my face, you're so cute! you are dressed perfectly for a ballet :) i love this tradition.


  14. You guys are too stinking cute, always ever! I love this tradition, what you wore, what you drank, and I am still dying that Robbie carried your heels in his coat so that you'd have them to wear while you watched. :)

  15. Nice pictures! You are such a lovely couple :)

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  16. Robbie has some serious style! You two are straight out of the pages of a magazine.

    Also, note to self: After getting future husband, have him take me to see The Nutcracker. So sweet!