29 January 2013

an old photo & one-liners

today i felt like taking things in more than letting them out. 
the days when you start a post, but can't quite finish it. 
you write one good line in your journal. and that's it. you're out. kaput.

i drifted in & out of sleep starting at 5 a.m.
i got up, and had my day's work done early. 
there was snow all over. we went to ikea to get new duvet covers. 
robbie also got himself those $2 terry-cloth slide-on slippers. 
and that reminded me why i love him. 
i looked through old photos. which is how i found this one.
the day was unremarkable. but good. 
all day i've felt my mind flitting from thing to thing, place to place. 

editor bridget & perfectionist bridget would delete this post. 
it's rambling, and it's disjointed, and petty in a lot of ways. 
but tonight's bridget is going to post it anyway. 
as a self-reminder: it's ok to have these days. & they're just as important as the rest. 


  1. truth be told, i think they might even be more important than the rest. just living, being.. that's enough. your presence is enough. anything past that is a remarkable achievement. i'm glad perfectionist bridget didn't get to this post first :)

  2. ikea has the best duvet covers! all of mine came from there. i hope you got some ikea frozen yogurt while you were there!

  3. definitely agree with Kerry. these days are needed.

  4. Sometimes unremarkable days are the best ones, I think.

    I love that photo and your lovely blog. Thanks for posting such gorgeous pictures and for having such intriguing posts.

  5. Sometimes, you need to let yourself off the hook. It's okay to be who you are, on all kinds of days. :o)



  6. One liners in journals are sometimes the only way I get things down.


  7. love, love this!

    things to do this week: learn a new word to use besides love & adore.