06 January 2013

and we lived happily ever coat…my coat & i

new coat. no worries, it's faux. #treatyourself
so i have this thing:
i'm very frugal. 
most of what i own is thrifted, (excepting photo equipment).

but i'm trying to be better about saving for & splurging on nice things i really want. 
like buying one special dress from madewell or anthro to wear a million different ways. 
it's something i've been working on since college, & i think my wardrobe's grateful. 
and so i bought this anthropologie coat. 
robbie was actually the one who spotted it last month & thought it ruled. 
& when i brought it home, robbie said:
"i'm happy you didn't back out of buying yourself something nice, like you usually do."

and i'm happy too. because now i have a neutral coat (ha!). 
and i'll keep her forever & pass her on as a heritage piece. 
(just like my hunters.

and the coat & i lived happily ever after. the end. 


  1. I'm super frugal too and like you I will splurge every once in a while! Love the coat, it was a great buy!


  2. Love this coat! And it is nice to buy yourself a good piece!
    Almost Endearing

  3. You look so chic and gorgeous in your new outfit! I love the color of the coat and that you added a pop of color to this ensemble. So pretty.

  4. Oh my gosh that coat is HEAVEN! Anthro is definitely one of those "special purchase" places. Everything there is so lovely and beautiful, but oh so expensive. You scored a gorgeous coat here.


  5. It is a beauty(as are you!) and it definitely will go with everything. I love the fur.

  6. Beautiful coat, and what a sweet story behind it. I totally agree with your hubby here, although I tend to be just like you and just buy what I can afford etc. BUT lately I've invested in pieces that I truly desire and will wear multiple times, many years to come. Like my vintage sequin blouse, sparkly skirts etc. ^^

    Indie by heart

  7. best coat ever. sometimes its nice to splurge and buy yourself something that will last a long time :)

  8. Wow I totally relate to your frugalness. I so often deny myself anything that is not a deal and my boyfriend will buy me the nice things that I really want. :) It's nice to know there are others like me out there!

  9. Just came across your blog and I love it!! Darling coat by the way.