13 January 2013

archibald, behind bars

as you may know, at our home, archibald lives a pretty cushy life. i mean, look: sometimes he even gets on top of the table, and he's in OUR bed enough that he manages to get stuck in the sheets. the dude has very little to complain about. 

but these last weeks, with little ones running around & toys strewn everywhere at our in-laws, this mister experienced a displeasure he probably never dreamed of: being behind bars. but, as i type this, he's nestled behind me, in my bed, under two comforters. he's thinking, "heh, karma!" i'm thinking, "eh, spoiled." 


  1. Aww he is so cute! Such sad eyes behind bars!

  2. haha! what a cutie! our pup is confined to two rooms right now by gates..but we're thinking about taking them down soon...i'm scared he's going to destroy our house though! ;)

  3. What a sweet face! A friend of mine has a pair of frechies. They have so much personality!