18 January 2013

reading books about birds in bed

in real life, i'm scared of birds. 
but in books, i think they're pretty. 
i'd even say i love them in books. especially in this book. 
and especially in this book, in bed

*p.s. some of you asked what book this is. i thrifted it, but you can find it on amazon here.


  1. sounds like a nice way to spend a day :)


  2. birds books beds, great alliteration ;) AND a great combo - I love birds. My mom has a bird feeder right at her window by her computer desk and sometimes you're sitting there and a little bird comes up and it feels like they're checking you out as much as you're checking them out. It always makes me laugh a bit!


  3. aww this is lovely! My mam had a book that was an Edwardian lady's diary from a stay at a river cottage. It had such beautiful illustrations in it - I'll have to try and dig it out! gorgeous pjs too :)

    Hannah xx

  4. how cute is the matching floral page as your skirt!?! and you'r pups seem to be sleepy heads -- wish mine would sleep more :)

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  6. Beautiful book! So lovely.

    Do you mind my asking, why do you fear birds in real life?

  7. SOme weeks ago I bird came into my room through my window and it was a bad experience, I was screaming and terrified, so I guess I also love brids in books and prints.

    See you!

  8. that skirt is gorgeous. i love all of your prints!


  9. What book is that? I looked for a link but couldn't find one :)

    xoxo Megan

  10. @megan lynn: i posted a link up in the post for you. : ) i had thrifted it, but was able to find a few copies on amazon. it's such a treat. honestly, i'm tempted to buy another one just to take the prints out of. you could cover a whole (little wall with them).

  11. @sarah dawnee: haha! i have a few friends who share my phobia…and then a lot of friends who find it very puzzling. i'm not sure i can pinpoint it exactly, because i've been afraid of being close to them for as long as i can remember. i'm scared of their gait, for one. but also, i've had several birds land on my head, and also i've been attacked by a flock of geese, though i was scared of them before both incidents. it is irrational…but, i was reading recently it's one of the most common phobias. guess you learn something new every day!