15 January 2013

seattle is green

i'm so grateful to be back in colorado.

after trips, it's always so refreshing to come back home with a new perspective -- more energy to whip your place into shape & finish projects…oh, and my hair is so grateful to be back home too. it's just a giant frizzball in seattle…and it never really dries, but somehow manages to get greasy? oh, lawd. also, i can wear shoes without worrying about sending them into a premature watery grave. 

i do miss the light though -- the perfect, gray, overcast light -- which is so good for taking photographs. and it's true, i do not miss the rain. but i do miss the greenery it produces. 


  1. We have those same beautiful flowers just north of Seattle in Victoria. They're so pretty and inspiring in the midst of the cold weather.

  2. beautiful photos.
    and this makes me so jealous because provo is so white.
    and so cold.
    we might get above freezing next week though!


  3. such a beauty!

  4. That picture of the sticks is so rich and beautiful!

  5. Your pictures are fantastic! Such simple subjects but you made them so beautiful.

  6. i second mel's comment. i feel like i can smell the lichen and feel the dampness in my hands from touching the bark. really a gorgeous photo!