23 January 2013

ten gems

in the gem shop with @jennlanedesigns.

10 internet gems that have caught my eye: 

1. bri's floral & flannel outfit.
2. this post by kinsey is one of those feel-good posts you never want to forget. 
3. this woodland-inspired bridal shoot
4. this cozy home (old piano, nesting dolls, utensil-filled tin cans, books, deer figurines…)
5. this wallpapered room. 
6. this easy & cute valentine's display
7. this nail color. 
8. this photo, which may be my favorite in 2012. 
9. a cute, simple valentine-worthy get-up
10.this owl-print dress from my favorite denver-based shop. i'm thinking: bright pink tights & gold accessories for vday. i'll wear it while handing out cards that say, "owl always love you." 


  1. Lots of lovely links here to distract me on this wintery evening :)

  2. Thanks for including me in your links, such a beautiful space you have here!


  3. Hey! I love these so much! And I love your new "about" picture it's dreamy!

  4. this is going to sound ridiculous but when my bloglovin feed gets jammed up with lots of posts to read, i always save my fave blogs for last. you would think i would want to read them first but instead i prefer to save them for last so that it can be a special treat once i reach the end. well sometimes it takes me a very long time to reach the end so let's just say that your blog is one of my favorites & i have 21(!!!) posts to catch up on. i'm excited to read them though. they always make me happy.

    but be prepared for a sudden lot of comments. i promise im not crazy haha