24 January 2013

the homebody bug / ode to espresso

a stranger has taken over my body. it's a january homebody-bug. i didn't invite it, and its presence is weird because i don't really like being home. except at night. at night i always want to be home. (yessir, i'm a 24-year-old-going-on-80.) but i've found that when i'm editing a shoot, or emailing clients…i still don't like being home. and i can't blame it on work. i love my work. here's what i blame it on: our big windows. it's disheartening, in the weirdest way, to watch the day slip from sun to moon from the comfort of one's own desk…but for some reason i've zero qualms doing it from a rather stiff chair…in a rather boisterous cafe…? i guess i like the walk and the eavesdropping and the anonymity and the excitement (and the coffee).

and then: last week we got a new espresso machine. she entered stage left...
and everything changed forever.  

to be fair: i've spent the better part of my time outside le apartment in the week we've been back from wa -- mostly meeting brides & booking up my summer. i've also put long-put-off photography projects into action. and holy guacamole do those meetings feel good. but then, when those meetings are through, this unfamiliar, omnipotent (regis-like) voice phones in and says: bridget, it's time to go home. and i want to. and i'm not sure yet if it's because i've started to really like being at home…or if i just really like being at home with the espresso machine. 

i think, probably, hopefully, you can tell i'm being a bit facetious. but really, since the espresso machine landed on our counter, we've been uncharacteristically content squatting in these four walls (four & a half if you count our "bedroom" partition). certain corners have come together in the last week more than they have the entire 7 months we've been here. surfaces are clear. stuff has moved from under the bed onto walls, or made its way to goodwill by the boxful. the dogs have been in a seeming narcosis, while we've been on a highly caffeinated joy ride of productivity and endless amusement at ways to re-re-re-organize our bookshelves. 

in any case, the great strides we've made in putting this place together over the last week can really only be pinned to one of three things: the espresso machine, the month of january, or the fact that we were gone for 3 weeks and are looking at our home with fresh eyes. in all reality, it's probably option three. but i'm going with option one. why? because it's the shiniest. 


  1. I've definitely got the January home-body bug. Except instead of espresso I've got popsicles and endless chapters of reading. Darling post!

    XO Jenna

  2. I need to get me an expresso machine. I love your little colorful bowls, by the way.

  3. Love those colorful plates! You have an amazing soulful home... :)

  4. Lovely photos! Your pup is so adorable.

  5. Such lovely photographs!! So peaceful :) January is all about comfort and being all cosy at home! xo

  6. such lovely photos! i have also been such a home-body lately. but when i am at home i just want to leave, but if an opportunity to go out presents itself i usually just stay home. it is the strangest thing!

  7. Such nice photographs! so homey and cozy

  8. Hey lovely Bridget, I have a question. Did you post a list of your top 10 reads of 2012? If not, could you email them to me? I believe we share the same taste. OR, better yet, you could do a guest post on my blog! Let me know. xoxoxo caraalynn@gmail.com

  9. I love this post. Every word of it. I can relate in more ways than one!
    I'm loving being home today though. I have photos to edit and hats to knit and some Grey's Anatomy to watch... ;)

    <3 Leney