23 February 2013

buckets of snow

i love snow in the city -- the buildings look so majestic with flurries icing their rooftops and windowsills. and i am an absolute child when it comes to snow -- i can lose hours just staring out the window at it, and i have to take a walk in it every time.

 especially this time. i hit a weird emotional wall and the snow sort of coincided with my mood. it's always been a habit of mine to go on long, teary-eyed, sniffling walks when i'm in a funk…and this time was perfect. i bundled up & walked straight outside…and i felt a thousand times better after holding my camera close and walking through the slowed-down, snow-filled city, stopping every so often to get a picture. it reminded me (watch out for cliches) how big the world is, how even when my problems seem huge (like bills or student loans or work), how small they really are -- and i felt that familiar snow-brought calm swallowing me up. that i'm able to go out for a midday walk, that i'm able-bodied, that i have a camera to document things with -- shows how blessed i am already. and, really, the hot chocolate at tattered cover didn't hurt either. i always recommend hot chocolate on funky-kinda-days.


  1. That is definitely a lot of snow! It does have a way of making the city look peaceful.

  2. I love snow in the city too, today we had snow in Barcelona, after 3 years, yeah!
    I love this: snow=silence

  3. i love the perspective in all these photos. the city looks beautiful.

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  6. AH. I've been wondering how to properly word why I do like it when it first snows heavy amounts of snow - and you said it! Everything slows down. It has to. But its so great, especially in a big bustling city that always goes so fast all the time.... Great post!


  7. i love the snow :) great pictures btw! xx

  8. The snow is always SO gorgeous when it comes and so nasty when it leaves. At least in Michigan. I always try to soak it in as soon as it arrives.


  9. cute photos:)


  10. Beautiful, beautiful as always.