27 February 2013

i am / i am / i am

i am, take twenty: 

1. i am a morning person. 
2. i am afraid of the dark.
3. i am a worrier. 
4. i am safe. i am learning to be less so. 
5. i am wound up in a love of stories; it seeps into everything i do. 
6. i am daydreaming, every minute.
7. i am a reader, writer, speaker of latin. 
8. i am a journaler, a sticky noter, a passage highlighter, an in-the-margins scribbler. 
10. i am always 30 minutes early…but always late to send thank you notes. 
11. i am a person who's been told my perfectionism will get the best of me.
12. i am deeply sensitive. 
13. i am a nitpicker. i am working on it. 
14. i am addicted to long city walks. 
15. i am scared of talking on the phone. 
16. i am an INFJ.
17. i am still getting over the first scene from ace venture when the raccoon falls. 
18. i am terrible at small talk; i just laugh nervously.
19. i am an incorrigible optimist. 
20. i am, lately, weirdly, finding myself wanting a cat. 


  1. Such a fun post! I've never commented before, but just wanted to say hi from a fellow INFJ. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there!

  2. Haha I love #20, I totally have this sometimes despite not liking animals at all.

  3. i just took the test - i'm infj toooo. i bet a lot of bloggers are, despite how rare it is in the population. ps, i absolutely hate talking on the phone. i always let it go to voicemail - unless you've already texted me to let me know that you're calling (exception: richard, my mom).

  4. We have quite a few things in common! I loved reading this. You are quite lovely!


  5. this is awesome, and I can relate to about 98% of everything you just listed! love it.

  6. love love love this. it's fun to get to know you more.

  7. You NEEED a cat. Seriously. They're awesome!

  8. im kind of scared of talking on the phone too...but i dont like to admit it. cause i hate it.

  9. I loathe small talk. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. When husband and I are going to hang out with someone new.. I always worry to myself, "What are we going to talk about??"

  10. You are the most beautiful woman inside and out <3

  11. It's official- I could have written this list- almost word for word. Although I'm ISFJ :)

  12. aww this is such a lovely honest post! I've just been spending the last ten minutes catching up on your blog after a sudden influx of work and as sad as it sounds, I've missed reading it!

    Hannah xx

  13. Beautiful list. Recently found your blog and very happy I have! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    Adventures of a Sequin Cat

  14. It's nice that you write thank-you notes. I'm not good at writing them but I was raised to.