21 February 2013

our valentine's day: tulips, fondue, a fort.

let there be no mystery, no mystique surrounding it: i love valentine's day. 
unabashedly, unapologetically, unrelentingly so. 

growing up with 5 brothers -- and no sisters -- my mom sort of made it our special day. she helped me throw valentine's sleepovers…always complete with a giant blanket fort. i also loved making little cards and handing out the tear-off ones to friends at school (always winnie the pooh, always specially picked out the biggest, cutest ones for the boys i had crushes on). 

and robbie has always made the holiday so fun. our very first valentine's day together (2006!) he cooked for me at his parents' house. at one point, his mom came in with a video camera & i very shyly waved. OH how i MUST find that blessed videotape! 

but this year, i have to say was one of the very best of all...

robbie brought me home a single tulip & some giant peanut butter cups. i made him a little book filled with instagram photos. 


he then instructed me to bundle up (it started snowing) and get in the car. he didn't tell me where we were going...

and lo & behold, we arrived at our destination: IKEA. and then he told me why we were there: to pick up some fresh fort building supplies! 

then we made a quick stop at whole foods to pick up some fondue supplies. there were so many men picking up flowers…so many men that got approving nods from the rest of us. 

 and then we made fondue.
(last winter, we decided to put some date money toward a nice fondue pot instead of going out. i highly recommend it.) 

and then we built our fort. it was a quick & easy one -- we just strung up a kid's bed net, and filled it with blankets & pillows. i pinned up some bunting we used at our wedding to the sides. straight panache, people. we stayed up eating our fondue, and watching house of cards. 'twas magical.

don't tell the other valentine's days, but i think this one was my favorite.  


  1. What a cute fort. I'm obsessed with brick walls. Your place is so cool.

  2. completely fantastic.
    i love ikea and i love forts.
    last year for valentines day we actually built a fort. the best.


  3. I won't tell the other Valentines days, but this DEFINITELY looks like a fabulous one! Seriously perfect you guys are too cute!

  4. my goodness how cute! you guys are always coming up with fun plans :)


  5. This is possibly the greatest post ever. I love the fort, the IKEA trip, and the fondue. I'm in love with it all.

  6. This is absolutely the cutest valentine's day date EVER.

  7. You guys are absolutely adorable. My Valentines day was magical, but oooooh do I have ideas now for NEXT year!!!! <3

  8. your fort is so cool, what a lovely idea! Sounds like such a perfect day too.. I've been with my boyfriend since 2005 and he's still not very romantic on valentine's day :\ xx

  9. archie looks like he had a great v-day too ;)

  10. this is adorable!! And I love your apt! My husband and I are moving soon and I hope to find a place like yours, it seems small yet perfect :) Question for you, how do you print your square pictures? Do you just print them at home or order them?

  11. I love this little love nest that you have created! What a perfect spot to chill. Very darling little pup you have. Tulips are the best.
    Nothing but a Pigeon

  12. Love that you built a fort! what an awesome night :)

  13. this is the best valentine's day anyone has ever had. i love how your husband knows you so well and treats you to little surprises. so sweet! happy belated heart day!

  14. love this! My baby had the same tent I thrifted a couple of years ago.