18 February 2013

that time our best friend kelsey gibson came to town and we were the happiest ever

sometimes, your very best friend in the world comes to town for a long weekend, and you drop everything (except your camera) and completely forget about everything else that's going on in your life, and you just live in the sphere of head-to-toe warms & fuzzies. 

 that's what this weekend has been for us. 
we're so happy you're here, kelsey. please never leave. 

while she's been here, we've made lots of super obnoxious vine videos, attempted to snowboard (we are the worst), wandered through old alleys in denver, did some snowshoeing, vintage shopping, stayed up late girl-talking (which robbie joined in on)…ya know, best friend things. 


  1. girl time sounds good. enjoy the girl talk and other adventures :)

  2. how fun! i miss having my old besties around, seeing them is just the best - glad you got to see your best friend!

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN
    stop by the shop MOCCASIN RUN

  3. this is the best, I love best friend time--especially when you haven't seen them in a while!

  4. sounds so lovely! best friends are quite literally, the best :)


  5. lovely photos and your best friend looks awesome! :)

  6. sounds like a perfect weekend! xxx

  7. She is so pretty! I love when friends from far away come to visit. Just makes everything better!